Ready to Live

She sits with her legs crossed at her desk chair

Her back hunched

Like the branches of the weeping willow below

Its limbs swaying in the wind like strings of silk

She types away on her computer

The click-clack of the keyboard like the sparrows

Funny little things that would land on the roof

Pecking away at the window

She’d smile back at them

They’d cock their heads

And fly away

Outside her window

The clouds above her shift east

An airplane flies west

The sun unveils itself

Caressing the street with its golden glow

Nothing about this situation is out of the ordinary

Nothing about this situation is special

A girl sits at her desk

Struggling to write a poem

Her mind is sore

As though it’s been wrung out like a wet rag

All its contents emptied out 

What remains is cold and damp

She wishes some warm light

Some percipient ray

Would reach her aching mind

And dry her sorrows away

She gazes absentmindedly 

Out of her window

Out there

Right now

It looks bitter



A black and white world

It may just be because of the soffits

That the sun

Never reaches her face

Or maybe she is not worthy of its touch

Fourteen years old

A whole life ahead of her

Or so they say

But it feels like her best years are behind her

The good old days gone with the wind

Was she even truly living this past year?

Or just alive

A sack of flesh

A waste of space

The sky a gloomy silver now

The trees look sad

Dead brown leaves scurry along the street playfully

Stopping suddenly

As though their last drops of life 

Have just drained out of them

She stares out her window

Not knowing what she is looking for

Not knowing what she will find

She drapes herself in jacket

Pulls on her muddy green sneakers

Unlocks the door


Outside the world transforms

A surge of color overcomes her

A cool breeze tickles her face

She sees through new eyes


The world isn’t all glum and broken after all

How can it be?

When the periwinkle blue of the sky

Pairs so nicely with the chartreuse forsythia

And those crocuses

Little violet flowers

The first sign of Spring

Compliment the deep emerald grasses

Like birds of a feather

Images run rampant through her head

Running through a field of flowers

Sweet-scented aromas all around you

Biking down a hill

The wind billowing your hair

Snow flurries at night

Where the sky never fully gets dark

And the smell of cookies in the oven 

Engulfs the room

Submerging your toes under wet sand

Dancing in the rain

So much lies ahead

Out here

She has found a way to the late afternoon sun

Its rays sprinkling through evergreen trees

Casting dancing shadows of light across her skin

At long last 

Its warmth hugs her

Out here

The soffits no longer shield her

The sparrows no longer fly away

The weeping willow no longer whimpers

Her mind is no longer sore

Out here

She forgets all her problems

Her worries

Her fears

The girl no longer gazes

Out her window




She doesn’t wait for life to happen to her

She is finally ready to live

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