Ripped Tickets

Staring at herself in the mirror. She smiles. Her hair is perfectly curled away from her gorgeous face, her eyelashes are curled and tinted with mascara, her lips are so admirably distracting with the bright red, and not to mention the tan dress she has on. She looks stunning. “Elenore!” A voice calls out.

It’s her time to have what she never knew she wanted. She rushes down to where she’s been called and there stands her twin brother. Dressed in sweats and a baggy t-shirt.

Elenore tilts her head, expecting him to be dressed for this moment. But maybe it’s apart of the plan, the thought runs through her mind.

“Hey William,” Elenore chirps.

“You’re in a good mood. You’re all dressed up too?” William looks up from his phone, surprised.

Elenore smirks, “C’mon William. You really don’t know what Landon has planned? You’ve been band mates for four years now.”

“Mmm I don’t El,” William admits.

Elenore rolls her eyes and walks out to the car. Wondering what her lover, Landon Alder, has planned for her. Little does she know William is thinking the exact same thing.

“So how do you know Landon even has anything planned for you?” William asks while starting the call.

“Last week I heard him in the living room. Saying that he would meet me at his office in the management building and that’s where he’d ask the question,” Elenore nearly squirms herself out of her seat thinking about the last part. Marriage was never ideal to her, she never had great examples for it. But for Landon, she wants to try.

“Oh. So you’re going to say yes?” William tilts his head while pulling out of the driveway.

“Why wouldn’t I?” Elenore asks immediately.

“El, I love you. But you two have put each other through so much. Are you really sure you want that forever,” William says subtle.

“Well… not preferably. But no relationship is perfect. Not only that but we’ve only put each other through so much. He’s never put me through too much,” Elenore hopelessly defends her boyfriend.

Of course there has been fighting, yelling, and things breaking. But it’s never been too much. Nothing too horrible. Elenore is just extremely petty. Landon has the need to be right. It’s fire playing with fire. But if they weren’t together the world would be flaming right now. “Well I’m happy for you, Elenore. I know things weren’t easy with our mom and dad’s marriage, but don’t let that stop you,” William comforts.

Elenore cringes at the ‘our’ in that sentence. Of course Elenore and William share the same parents. Just William got to experience the best of it, while Elenore had to experience the worst of it.“Now are you sure~ Landon has nothing planned for me?” Elenore teases with the biggest smile on her face.

“I promise you I’m just as confused as you are on this,” William says with a serious voice. Now Elenore knows he isn’t lying. And she’s beginning to hate the deep void developing in her stomach.

Elenore scans her bag to find the key card Landon gave her so she could always visit him. She thinks for a second and remembers it being on the kitchen counter before they left. She’ll just call him.

Elenore grabs her phone and swipes through her contacts till she sees “L <3” on her phone. She presses the contact and the phone begins to ring.Ring.Ring.Ring.Rin-

“Hey Elenore!” A voice picks up, Landon.

“Hey Landon,” Elenore falls into a puddle of relief after hearing his voice. The void is gone.

“What’s up?” Landon questions, by what the phone is picking up you can hear papers shuffling.

“I just wanted to ask what are you doing,” Elenore giggles into the phone.

“Mmm, we’re playing this game again?” Landon sounds irritated. Now the void is growing bigger.

“What?” Elenore plays off, “You’ve been distant all week running around. Not only that I saw our savings had $5,000 taken out. What’s up with that?”

William turns his head quickly, surprised at what just came out of her mouth. He grips the steering wheel, now praying Landon is going to propose.

“Look El, it’s just something okay?” Landon sighs.

“But what’s that something?” Elenore drags.

“Elenore, we aren’t doing this.” Landon says sternly then hangs up.

Her lip quivers and her eyes get watery. He hasn’t ever been this mean unless he was upset. But why would he be upset? He’s proposing today.Right?

Elenore grabs the picture frame out of her purse. Inside the frame are Ripped Tickets. Elenore smiles at them. Thinking if she would have never ripped her tickets when they needed to be scanned and met Landon backstage, she wouldn’t be here with him.

Elenore glances at her hand, thinking how bare it is without a ring. Luckily that will change.

“Okay El, we’re here. I’ll be waiting. Show me the ring when you’re done,” William fakes his excitement, stressed inside.

Elenore nods and gets out of the car. Nearly running inside at her excitement. When she enters the lobby she sees the other two band members. Kaden and Malachi. They quickly greet with each other. Kaden hands her a key card after she mentions forgetting hers. And now Elenore is back on the run down to Landon’s office down.

She’s standing in front of the door. The card trembling between her index and thumb. She takes a deep breath. Landon is the love of my life, she says.

She swipes the card and opens it to Landon hugging a girl. Taking a closer look that isn’t any random girl. That’s Landon’s ex girlfriend. And when they pull away and turn around to look at her. Elenore notices that’s Landon’s pregnant ex girlfriend . She runs out immediately back to Williams car, sobbing uncontrollably. She yells at him to drive and he complies, speeding away from the entrance.“El what happened?”

“It was too much, so much.” 

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