With that feeling of pain going through every part of my body, I knew I did the right thing. Waking up on a Sunday morning with the sun going through the blinds streaming in my eyes is a great way to wake up. As I feel the warmth of the sun on my body I open my eyes and stretch out my arms and legs. I sit up and hear the sounds of the birds chirping and the snoring of my sister, that is in the room next to mine. I get out of bed and go to the bathroom to wash my face, and all of a sudden the sound of my sister’s snores goes away. 

The soap and water refresh my face and helps me wake up. I think to myself my sister, Grace, must be awake. I go to grab my glasses off my dresser and walk down the stairs to get some breakfast. I go to the kitchen and open the pantry to grab some oatmeal. I open the refrigerator to grab some berries and an apple. I make my oatmeal and cut the apple into little pieces to put in my oatmeal. I grab a bowl and out the oatmeal in there and then the fruit, and get a cold glass of water to go with. I decided to make my sister the same thing for breakfast and go to surprise her in her bed. I walk up the stairs, grab the handle to her door, and open it to hear her door squeak. The door opens and she is nowhere to be found in her room. I scream her name trying to find her in the house. I listen to hear her voice, but no answer yells back. I scream again still listening for an answer, but no answer comes. I gently place the food down on her desk and go walk downstairs. I looked all around the house for Grace and checked to see if her car was gone, it was not. I called her on my phone three times. At this point, I started to worry because this was so unlikely of her. I go back upstairs and into her room to grab the food, but something catches my eye. I see a white small cloth in the corner of her closet. I place the food back down and pick up the cloth. As I pick it up, I see two red letters embroidered on the right bottom. The letters are AB, and they look like initials. 

I start to think of anybody I know with those initials. My head turns blank and has no thought of anyone with the initials of AB. I pick up my phone and call the police, so they can help me find my sister. I wait in fear of the thought of my sister being kidnapped or worse. I sit quietly and still on the stairs right next to the front door patiently waiting. I stay like that for ten minutes until the police arrive. They come and knock on my front door and right away I open it up. I explain everything that happened this morning to them in detail. After I was done talking I showed them the white small cloth. One officer looks at it with wandering thoughts, while the other officer’s eyes pop. I question him right away, and he starts to sweat. He does not trip over his words or give me bad answers, but I can see the sweat drip down his neck and forehead. I can hear the beating of his heart and see the worries in his eyes. After about my fifth question to him, he can not take it anymore and quickly bolts out the door. The other officer goes after him and so do I. Before the officer gets into the car the other officer pulls out his tazer and shoots it at him. He falls straight to the ground with pains of yelling in his voice. The officer handcuffs him and puts him into the back of the car. I hop into the car with both officers, and we drive to the police station. 

I am sitting in the waiting room with my legs shaking with impatience and my hands feeling sweaty. My brain goes through so many thoughts and ideas. I finally see the officer that helped me walk towards me, and I quickly get up. He tells me that the other officer has nothing to do with my sister and does not know a thing about the white cloth. He says that the officer knows somebody with the initials of AB that was in jail for kidnapping about three years ago. The guy in jail was his best friend of six years and was always a sweet and kindhearted guy. I wonder about my sister being kidnapped and look at the officer in fear. He lightly touches me on my shoulder and says “do not worry, that man died four months ago trying to escape prison.” I look at the officer in relief, but again still thinking where my sister would be. The officer smiles at a person behind me walking towards us, so I turn around and see my sister’s beautiful face. I ran up to her and wrapped my arms around her with a big smile. I close my eyes with her in my arms with all my worries gone. Once I let her go and turn around back to the officer I see a man running towards the officer. He had hate and anger in his eyes and a gun in his right hand. 
The sound of a gunshot is like a big boom and pow combined. Your ears take it all in at once and then let it go. The pain is worse. You feel pain throughout your whole body. You feel like you can not move or breathe. The air is sucked away from your lungs and there is nothing left but dead silence. Jumping in front of someone to save their life is never an undue situation, it is a decision. 

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