Snow Day

I was sitting in my English classroom wondering when the bell would ring for my next class when all of the sudden, in the corner of my eye I saw something fall from the sky. I quickly glanced over to the window and noticed a fluffy white substance dropping down. 

¨SNOW!¨ I screeched joyfully as everyone’s heads turned straight to the window. 

One by one we all gathered by the small window we have in our classroom to see it fall. I touched the glass of the window and it made one of those marks it gets when the window is cool and frosted. Our teacher was telling us to all take a seat but we could not  possibly take one when it rarely snows in Alabama. As class progressed, every now and then we would turn our heads to see if the snow was still falling. We were all waiting for the bell to ring, when we heard a loud noise on the announcements. Then, our principal started talking.   

“Good Morning teachers and students! As we all know by now that it is snowing outside, and we would like to make the announcement that we will be having an early dismissal today to make sure everyone gets home safely.” 

Joyful screams echoed throughout the halls as we all exited our classrooms. I made my way to the front of the building where I quickly ran outside. As I stepped outside onto the snow, it was very crunchy. With every step I made there was another crunch. The air was very cool where every time I talked I could see my breath. The white fluffy snow filled my hair as it fell from the grey sky. Suddenly, I felt a hard ball of snow hit my back. I turned around to see my best friend Rachel holding another snowball in her hand. I swiftly gathered a ball of snow into my hands and through one right at her stomach. By then, everyone started having a snowball fight. Snow balls were being thrown throughout the air from left to right. Soon after that, my mom pulled into the school to pick me and my younger brother Jack up and we headed home. My hands were so frozen from the snowball fight that they felt numb but the warm air inside of the car heated them up pretty quickly. As soon as we arrived at home, me and Jack ran inside to get out our cold winter clothes on. I put on a huge fluffy blue jacket and white pants. I then got on a warm hat to keep my face warm and some gloves to make sure my hands stay warm and not get numb again. I grabbed my pink boots and some warm socks and went to the garage to get my sled. 

“Come on Jack, let’s go!” I yelled so we could go and meet up with our friends. 

We stepped outside and the air was much cooler. We then walked up our street to see Rachel and her brother John in their yard with their sleds. As we sled down our street and raced back up to do it again and again, all I could think about is how wonderful this day was! When we said goodbye to our friends, me and John walked into the house and immediately I smelled the warm, hot, savory smell of hot chocolate and marshmallows. We raced into the kitchen with two mugs ready for us to drink it all. 

“How was sledding?” mom asked as we could not yet speak because of the wonderful taste of marshmallows in our mouths.

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