The Ballad of Scorched Skin

I hate that I fell for the wrong person 

With no wrong reasons

A time right for me 

Yet the farthest for them

My feeling now dissipated

But I forever see-

Icarus’s fate across my surface

The reddened relished wrinkled maze

Scabbed and scarred as time progressed

Of a permanent mark

Forever bound onto my body 

As a reminder of my love for you

This forbidden fantasy

Brings emotion to my life

Serving as a sunlight canopy

Hiding all my worries underneath

Thawing the mortal snow

Chionodoxa dancing its arrival 

Delicate lyres sound to life

Though with each string comes a painful strike

Reliving my eternal punishment

I see this day as if my last

Your head on my shoulder

Our tangled fingers, hair, and souls

All infused in one melodic strain

As music swells 

My ears full and rich

Golden silhouettes lingering on your cape

Pruned and rich as if Athena’s fingers fell across

Yet even your locks of dusky night

Or permanent seas of Poseidon’s green

Could not stop me from Icarus’s doom

For I had built my wings of wax

Foolishly flying, begging for more

Only to be greeted with a pain filled death

As you were never mine

Forbidden not by chains or gates

But by only mortal will

Known to all but my gullible self

Plummeting to salt and rock filled depths

I remember regretting

Praying and begging

To only return to our field once more

Freed of my convicted verdict

To be content with what I have

Yet only my flammable tinder body

Blood red hibiscus enclosing

Newly charred, blackened skin

Remain as a memorial to you

Of you

My precious, lost desire

Now nothing but a ballad

Played only when the lanterns glow

Sung only under the watchful drunken moon

Fireflies dancing on your grave

I sit isolated 

Weeping for your loss

And for my everlasting mistakes

For were I brave-

I would march the very underworld

Orpheus’s lyre in my hand

Kill the very Gods and Titans

Scorch the earth until you were freed

Ridding my past sins and bodies away

But I am nothing but a coward

One who hides from fears afar

Building flower crowns for my beloved

Only to have them rot and forgotten

Now nothing but a souvenir on their grave

I feel no more passion to you 

Now that I’ve grown wiser and older

Yet my seared and scarred skin

Will still ignite within a single chord

Of your tender timid songs

Your welcomes, delights, and comforts

Of an everlasting beauty

Now nothing but an echo

I cradle my wounded body

Broken and burned from my own faults

I will forever hide myself from you

For you knowing your accidental damage

The fallout of my selfish thought

Aired in our beloved field

Will hurt me more 

Than your kindred flame could ever see

Skillful hands holding up my own

Providing an emotion I do not wish to process

As you gently lay me into agonized Tartarus

For I deserve this far more greater

Than I deserve my life and air

Though not a day

An hour

A second

Goes by in my mind

That I do not remember you-

Your marble statue of a perfected body

Eternal pools of gazing moss and sun 

And locks spun of Dionysus’s wine and ink

As if the very Gods had crafted you,

Providing you a life I could never once give myself

For it would be wrong and unjust of me

To ever once again receive your presence

Yet I had done so

And marred your beauty

Spilling only anger and hurt to light

Confessing to a love I should’ve kept to myself

For I had somehow known my words would lead to humiliation

As Eros’s arrows hit me twice instead us both

I’m forced to carry this burden as a punishment

Yet I will do so gladly

Watching my skin age vines of blue and creases

Living with the guilt of a hurtful desire

Remaining rueful to myself

That with all my wrongs of a life I’ve created

Love was never meant to be a right

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