The Boy

There is a historic mansion in Detroit on the east side of town. It’s located in a city named Abandoned. The reason why this mansion is so memorable is that the entire town was deserted, except for one house with a little boy and two grandparents. The little boy’s name is Brahms. When he was six years old, his parents told him that they were going for a walk and never came back. Later that year, the little boy’s parents were found in the river, just five months after his little brother Gringle was pronounced dead. His grandparents moved in with the boy after his parents died, to take care of him and to make sure he survived. This mansion was owned by the same family for generations and was always renowned for being the creepiest house in town. The stories that would come from people trying to enter the house when it used to be unoccupied were horrifying. The saying goes, “If you choose to enter the house, you also choose not to come back out.”

Although the cities around Abandoned are still developing, the community is always changing. The names of his Grandparents were Agatha and Georgie. The grandparents were both 99 years old with full heads of white hair. They almost looked like werewolves. They were the least friendly people, and if you saw them in person, you were lucky even to get them to say a word. They took excellent care of the mansion but would only let one outsider from Detroit come and bring groceries and other necessary items. 

Malcolm was a strong-hearted individual about 5’8 with brown hair and blue eyes. He never had an ego or selfishness. Anyway, he cared about keeping this family safe. Malcolm would go for runs on the regular, and stay extremely fit. He was a consistent runner all his life and didn’t mind a quick 5k. The grandparents, on the other hand, never really talked to Malcolm but respected him to the utmost level by letting him come to their house. The only reason they respected him was because he always did his job and never anything less. He had worked for Brahms parents for years frankly, and it was actually his first job but when they passed he felt obligated to help out after.  

The boy Brahms wasn’t a very active child; he never said a word and would always be respectful and sit in the corner, minding his own business. For Brahms, every day was just another day of occupying yourself with daily thoughts. Brahms was quite small for only being 7; he was almost three feet with black hair and black eyes. He never really showed emotion or even smiled, and he always wore the same black suit with his red tie and his white shirt. He wore the same silky shoes with swirly black laces. He never left the house or went to school; he was a stay at home child and was never extremely fond of the outdoors. He would like to sit around and listen to loud Jazz music and let his grandma play the piano for him. His granddad was always doing something down in the cellar. His wife would say that sometimes you wouldn’t witness him for days because 

Georgie would be there, focused on his project. Agatha also said she would never know the next thing he would build or even the recurrence of loud banging. Her husband had also lost his leg in World War III, and you could consistently hear if he were coming up the stairs at it would sound like a slow but steady banging that would seem like it was getting closer and closer to you.

The grandparents printed thousands and thousands of flyers and let them all fly out on a breezy day all over Detroit. The flyers were lavishly decorated with a beautiful mansion west of Abandoned and a cover that asked if they could babysit their little boy while the grandparents went on a road trip. The flyers were low class with information and an address to find the house at. The reasonable person who would come to take care of the boy wouldn’t know of the local history because if they did, they might never have set foot in the house.

Megan was a qualified graduate at the UoD, and she desperately wanted to be a part of the Medical Institution in Abandoned but first needed to pay off her student loans and her extensive list of debt. She was 5’6 with long blonde hair and was “one of the most attractive college students he’d ever seen,” according to Malcolm. 

Megan was charming and had consistently remained a kind person. All her life, she had taken care of kids ranging from babysitting to overnights. She had many experiences and is very capable of handling one child for two weeks over her spring break. She was looking to make some quick and easy money conveniently, and the rare opportunity was waiting at her footsteps.

When Megan arrived, the grandma greeted her with a simple “hello.” She also replied with hello. 

As she was talking to the grandma, the granddad walked down and said. While we are gone, we need you to keep outstanding care of him and follow these rules: “never have guests, never leave Brahms alone, save meals in the freezer, never cover Brahms’s face, read a bedtime story, play music loud, clean the traps, only Malcolm brings deliveries, Brahms is never to leave, Always kiss goodnight.”

Grandad told Megan, “It’s straightforward, really, and if you follow the rules and make sure that Brahms gets everything he needs, there will be no problems.”…

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