The Color Above

I look in the mirror thinking to myself tomorrow my whole life will change. The appointment is set and Doctor Andrews called to assure the procedure. When you turn sixteen your whole life changes, you get a car, you feel more like an adult and not a teenager, but this biggest change of all is The Color above. A surgical procedure is done to girls at the age of sixteen. Men do not get it or know about it. Doctors attach a microchip to the iris in our eye. The chip gives us the ability to adapt features to look beyond the skull of a man and detect when they are lying. When a person lies the brain gets stimulated in three different parts, the frontal lobe, the limbic system, and the temporal lobe. Lying makes our brains activate the frontal lobe for its role in the truth-suppressing process. The limbic system is activated due to the anxiety that comes with deception. Lastly, the temporal lobe gets simulated because it’s responsible for retrieving memories and creating mental imagery. Tomorrow is the day my whole life will change.

“How are you feeling?” said Doctor Andrews. I sat up in the hospital room and all I could feel was pounding pressure on my eyes. My vision became so impaired that it looked as if my hands were pulling towards and away from my face in less of a second. “My hands! They are -” “Yes, that is normal your eyes will adjust.” said doctor Andrews. “ Will she be okay to go back to school today, or is that pushing it Doc?” said Mom. “No, I think that’s alright. But Olivia you know the rules right. Don’t break those rules or the government will have to deal with you” asked Dr.Andrews. “Yes ma’am” I said. 

I get to school right in the middle of lunch and I see my best friend, Amanda, waving her arms to flag me down as if I was a plane. I walk over to her eating her usual lunch; Oreo’s, Cuties, salami sandwich, and red Doritos is her classic lunch. “So how did the treatment go?” whispered Amanda. “Shhhh Amanda, what if one of the guys hears you.” “Oh my Gosh no one is going to hear me. Calm down.” said Amanda. “Well it went fine, I guess?” “You guess!!!! Are you kidding?!?! Today is the day we can finally find out if Kyle likes you.” said Amanda in shock. “I don’t know Ama -” “WHAT DO YOU MEAN YOU DON’T KNOW!?! It’s the perfect chance to see if he likes you. He has been giving you the signals and now after the treatment you will know the truth.” said Amanda. “But what if he doesn’t like me and I make the biggest fool of myself.” I said to Amanda. She sat there looking annoyed at me because I don’t have the guts to ask him. “Olivia you should ask him. You have nothing to lose.”

Great science class with Kyle and Amanda are next. I’m asking myself, “Should I just skip? No. But if I don’t she will make me ask him. Then even if I do skip I will just have to do it Monday.” I sit down in class palm sweating, stomach is just non existent. I see Amanda coming skipping into class all bubbly. “Hey cutie!! You ready?” said Amanda with the biggest grin on her face. “Yeah” I told her with the fakest smile on my face. “Oooo there he is… KYLE!!!” “No Amanda I’m not ready.” “Come on, have some courage.” said Amanda. Kyle walked up to our lab table and asked “What’s up? Oh and cool shirt by the way Liv.” I immediately red and the sweaty palms get worse. He made that nickname up in second grade and still uses it eight years later. “Olivia has something to ask you, don’t you Olivia?” I sat there in silence petrified as to what was about to happen next. .

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