The Evening

listening to steve lacy i get the same feeling i had when i last saw your face 

Mine lit up as bright as egyptian cities in the summer

(Its like 1:45 in the morning and im stupidly writing a poem about a boy)

The cadence of the garage band sound production reverberates through me, much like when you first spoke to me

But even when you weren’t speaking i knew what u said

I heard you say nothing over the rumbling of the 6 train beneath us

My heart was racing followed by unbalanced walking closer to you

But it faded the more you walked beside me

And soon i forgot about myself

But at the same time everything was about me

About everything we liked

It was too much

I dont know why God decided to bless me and curse me with the presence of a possessed angel yet i know his plan is definite 

At least thats what i think my dad would say

If i could tell him about you

Brooklyn, books, comics, frank, observations, and

About your fear of birds

I’m realizing I flew away I’m sorry

I had to 

You were never really in my peripheral i saw you with both eyes

Like a new color added to my life’s palette

An unprecedented confusing cool slick sweet sexy new color

Shade of blank

Painted across the canvas of the evening downtown

But laying here the art has turned grey

Maybe its just my conceit. 

I see myself in you, is that why

As i listen to hate cd i wonder if i hate our connection or if i hate the situation as a whole

“I hate coming down” 

I hated meeting you

I hated leaving you

And i hate missing you

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