The Guy Outside my Window

I’m always feel like I’m being watched. I can just feel eyes burning into my soul. You may be wondering, have you ever caught a glimpse of these eyes. I would just like to say yes I have. It seems quite freaky, One of these eyes is black and the other eye is white. This mysterious person always sends me letters. He always ask me about my day and I always respond. I tell him my dreams and my hopes, I basically tell him what I want out of life. He understands me and he tells me how he likes seeing the sparkle in my eyes. Sometimes I cry, Life is not that simple, it would be so easy to just give up. He tells me he doesn’t like me cry, he tells me how I’m too innocent for this big cruel world. I talk to him and I beg him to take me away from this frustrating place I call my life. He tells me how he would love to just take me away from my problems. Days  weeks and a few years past. He came back and told me that he is finally here to take  me away. The tears go down my cheeks and he knows how ecstatic I am  that I will finally be taken away to be happy. He tells me to climb up on my window seal and I follow his orders. He tells me to jump and explains that he will catch me. I had so much trust in him that I Jumped but sadly there is no one there to catch me. He took me away and as I come out of my body, I see blood splattered everywhere. All these years I didn’t know his name but he finally told me. He told me his name was suicide. I break down crying as he picks me up and carry me away.

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