The Intersection

Outside of my window there are people that I know

Outside of my window there are people that I don’t

The people that I know are what makes this window my home

So I sit and watch the people walk together

And alone

From here, I can see Sammy 

Who has owned the Auto Shop since before I was born. 

He used to be really close with my grandmother, 

We don’t say ‘hi’ as much now that she’s gone.

And she used to be really close with the Scarlinos

Who own the oil shop across the street

I can see them all from my window

I can see them working hard 

When i’m just waking from my sleep

Further down the block there’s a bodega

Deli, corner store, or whatever it’s called

Inside they speak Spanish, 

I learn some words in passing,

As I buy my bread and milk and move on

The window that I have sits at the corner

I can see both the avenue, and the street

Across the corner there’s my favorite shop of all

The Ballet School where I learned to spin

And fall

I love to watch it late at night

When the lights go on and I can see inside

On the wall there’s murals full of color

Painting full of people who have hope to go on

If you look closely

The shadows at night make the painting seem to dance 

I know the people in the paintings

Like I know the back of my hands

I’ve learned their dance

But those are just the people that I know

The people passing by

Have stories that they hide

I meet them once 

And then never again

I see them on the highway

For a second they drive by

As I count all the cars that I like

Like counting the trains in the night

The elevated train brings

Thunder like its raining 

Even when there’s no clouds in the sky

At 3 a.m. I hear it rumble by

I wonder who rides the train that late at night

I wonder about the people passing by

For just a second, from the window 

I might be part of their lives

And I know that they’re apart of mine

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