The Journey

Ariel always questioned her purpose in life. One day she decided to find her ultimate purpose.  She believed she was destined for much greater.  Ariel decides to contact her boss to let him know that she is quitting her job at the firm.  Her boss out of curiosity asked “why she was leaving the firm”. She responded and told him, she felt it was something that she needed to do.  As she set out on her journey she began to examine her conscience. How do I find my purpose, where do I look?  When I find it will it be fulfilling?  As the questions popped up, she became more confused.  Matt, a long time friend, explained to her that your purpose in life is what you find pleasure in doing the most.  Ariel thinks back to the time when her family spent a year in the amazon where she had  grown fond of nature and animals. She pondered why not return and try to rekindle that connection to the amazon. The flight to Brazil was 8 hours which gave Ariel enough time to contemplate what will be her first adventure. As the plane descended to Rio de Janeiro International Airport Ariel was filled with excitement and anticipation.  Ariel lands but she is faced with an obstacle she do not know how to speak portuguse and has no means of transportation. A foreigner named Antonio saw Ariel struggling to find directions and antonio walks up to her and asks if he could assist. Ariel tells Antonio she needs help getting to the amazon. He told her he frequently gives tours of the amazon. On the way there Antonio told her a folklore story he spoke of a woman who will come from a far away place in order to fulfill her purpose and become queen of the amazon. Antonio joked with Ariel, maybe it’s you the natives are talking about. They reach the amazon and Antonio begins to give Ariel a tour and he shows  her the temple where the queen resided in the local story. The path to the temple was blocked with shrubs and vines making it impossible to go through. So Antonio decides to head back to his truck but Aerial insists on continuing on the path believing that her answer will be found in the temple. After a brief struggle they entered the temple Ariel was astonished by its timeless beauty and immediately felt a connection. She began reading the tablet that was over the altar, and immediately thought of Antonio’s joke. The writing spoke about happiness and fulfillment being a journey, which has to be travelled to find contentment. She started feeling like the queen in Antonios story.

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