The Memories Outside My Window

I wish I could say that outside my window was something special like a beautiful scenery of dancing palm trees and sparkling blue waters but it’s not. Instead, my window is on the second story surrounded by old spider webs with a beautiful view of well—dying trees. 

Even though it’s nothing special it is filled with endless memories. Birthday parties with Ponies and miniature horses. I can remember it clearly, little 1st graders lined up by an oak tree, its branches tall waving in the wind, standing patiently for their ride on a pony. In a 6-year-old’s eye, it was just like a petting zoo in your own backyard. 

But my backyard was even better than just a petting zoo because it came with much more. Slip ‘n’ slides were part of any kids’ memories because when your mom didn’t want to drive you to the neighborhood pool that was the next best option. I can remember the yellow, purple, and blue stripes that laid flat on the ground with a thin layer of water, cold and refreshing, to slide onto. Everyone would fight over which color inflatable tube each person would get. Then you would stand on an imaginary starting line in the grass. Someone would count down the numbers. 3… your eyes were focused on the colorful plastic laying on top of the grass. 2… adjusting your hands on the tube. 1… running towards the slip ‘n’ slide to feel your feet leaving the ground and water, sparkling in the sun, splashing on your face. Passing the finish line only to realize your sister won because she went on 2 and now you must demand to go again. 

When it is no longer summer, some of the best winter memories are waking up on a winter’s morning filled with joy when the phone rings and school is called off. Walking outside through the fluffy snow, white and sparkling powder, covering the ground like a blanket. The crunch of the snow beneath your feet and the cold wind stinging your nose. The sound of pressing your hand into untouched snow and forming a snowball out of the glistening snow. Then throwing it at the ground. The snowball hits the ground and BOOM, it flies out in all directions leaving a white mound in the middle of the freshly cleared driveway. I can remember having my sister help me build a snowman. We would roll him in the snow and then decorate him using sticks, hats, scarfs, and of course a carrot. Something about a snowman was inviting, looking at it made you feel warm inside just like looking at a puppy, small and bouncy, playing with a toy. Once it got too cold you would hike your way back through the snow to sit down and take off your snow gear; that was the best feeling ever. Snow days for me were full of endless memories.

Even though outside my window isn’t a tropical island like Hawaii, it has left me with memories that are definitely special.

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