The Road

Life is like a
road that goes on and on

My road’s against
the wind, no one along

Yet I kept on
chasing the distant sun

Where I must
reach, walk there or run

For that, I’ve went
so long without a rest

But where’s the
end lie to this endless quest?

The longer I went,
older I grow

My eyes are
blurry, my heart quite cold

The sun’s not seen,
sunk to ground below

And no longer, could
my spirit stay bold

But even when I
couldn’t find the shining sun

When my blood and
bones are broken beyond repair

Thrice, on the doorstep
of death, around I spun

To feel life again,
and fill my lungs with air

But He has became

And His wrath, none
could escape

I wasn’t afraid; I’ve
feared nothing

Nothing stopped
me, and nothing will

But I was mad, mad
at this world

Mad at the
injustice, for I’ve so hard

But not a wisp of
my dream did I touch

Mad at how I’ve went
further than anyone

But still, I couldn’t
see the end of this road

And just then,
even when my eyes can’t see

Something from the
West reached me 

Bright, golden, glorious,
unparalleled, and hopeful

When everything
else fell down

She rose, and no cloud
can shadow her brilliance

I saw her, a
face unlike any other,

Smiling to me

He never took me;
I followed Him gladly

Because I know now,
something that I’ll never learn

There’s never an
end to a road, only a beginning

And no god ever
ruled that there’s only one way to walk it.

Many times, dreams aren’t where men belong

Time is endless,
but our lives are short

So why not spend
it with joy than pain and sorrow?

If there is a next
life, I’ll look to the road’s side

And may I be
blessed, to set my dreams aside

That I have
pursued all my life long

To find her, my
angel, and where my heart belongs

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