The Sun

Standing on the beach with the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my face I realize this might be the last time I will ever see the sun.

Running downstairs with my new Nike shoes trying not so stuff them my mom tells me our plane is leaving in an hour and we still have to go through security. I and my brother run out the door to see who can call shotgun first, I win. On the way to the airport, we listen to my mom’s favorite bands. My mom has interesting music tastes, or at least I and my brother think so. She is a down to earth straight to the point type. She always tells us “one day your children will think your music is weird too” me and my brother look at each other an roll our eyes but now i wish i had listened. When we arrive at the airport we see the longest line at security. My mom runnin to the end and us following i trip over my bag and fall in front of everyone. I was so embarrassed. While waiting in line my brother teases me about my trip “did u have a nice trip” he would say. My brother is 4 years younger then me. Bing 13 he thinks he’s all that and a bag of potato chips but we have a good relationship i guess you can say. He looks nothing like me or my mom. I swear he’s adopted, he doesn’t like that joke. He has dark brown hair and green eyes. His skin is full of freckles and is very fair. He’s short but he hasn’t hit a growth spurt yet so that won’t last long. We finally make it through security and barely make it to our plane. My mom wanted to surprise us with a trip to Bacalar. We have never been out of the country and my mom decides to pick a small town that’s right outside of Belize, like I said she’s interesting. The flight was long. I had a middle seat between a tall and buff man and a small petite woman. I personally don’t like awkward situations so I try my best to make friends in any situation I can. I tried to start a conversation with the woman but realized she had on headphones and was falling asleep so I turned to the man. His name is Julian. He lives in Bacalar but He doesn’t like to stay in one place for too long. He’s been traveling with his wife but they recently found out she had cancer. He went on about how they went to stay with her parents in Atlanta and were seeing doctors there and doing treatment. As he was talking. I decide now is a good time to go to the bathroom. On the way to the back i pass my mom sleeping and snoring very loud. I decided laughing wasn’t my best idea right now so I just kept going. Wheni got back to my seat I saw Julian looking for a movie to watch. For the rest of the flight Me and Julian were silent and didn’t speak again. I always wonder what happened to him and his wife or if they ever finished the traveling. We made it to our hotel and unpacked and got ready to go out on the beach. I put my yellow swimsuit on and went to lay on the beach. I have always loved the beach. When me and my brother were younger our mom would take us to Florida every summer and we would spend a whole month there every single day going to the beach and staying until the sun would go down. My brother was playing football with my mom. We were listening to my moms weird song choices. After the sunset we went back to the hotel and had dinner.

As the week went on we were all having the best time when one day when we woke up the sky was still dark. Then the next day it was even darker. As we were standing outside as well as the other people in the hotel there is a mist that falls that is so thick you can’t see through it. As we are all standing there we hear sirens go off and can see a faint bright light through the fog. The sirens come on with a voice that tells us to go back inside and lock all windows and doors.Me and my family waste no time running inside because we don’t know the area. Back in the hotel I look out the window and can’t see anything. That night we all got hungry and mom wanted to go get food in the lobby but our door was locked, we were trapped. We decided to wait until morning. That morning when we woke up we had 3 protein bars at our door and again we were trapped. We were starting to get confused and wanted answers. Our phones were dead and weren’t charging. While I and my brother were trying to charge our phones 4 men came bursting through our door. They had big guns and helmets and masks on. We were told to shut up and follow them. We were led to the beach and on a boat. We were taken somewhere where we could see the sun, but when i looked back at the island we were on, there wasn’t anything there. I begin to question what was going on and want to ask the men what was happening. I finally start to ask where we were going and I ask why nobody else was on the boat. We were told we were in danger but if we ask too many questions it could get worse so i stopped talking. We arrived on another beach but as I looked out to sea I saw darkness heading our way. Standing on the beach with the sand between my toes and the warm sun on my face I realize this might be the last time I will ever see the sun.

To be continued………………………….

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