They’re watching.

It was a day like any other. A quiet kid from a small city known as St.Louis Missouri was playing checkers on his phone.Will was sitting alone by himself in the corner chair of his band room when he noticed a face. It was looking him dead in the eyes. With a gaze right into his soul. “Did he know me? ”Will thought to himself, but he didn’t. In fact he was the only person that could see him, the only person in the world. He didn’t know it yet, but he was different. In a way you wouldn’t recognize. He had a condition called judah-scopic-ness syndrome. He saw people in his dreams and they would become real. He saw a man with a weird hat, torn clothing, and a 3 legged dog staring at him dead in the eyes.aThe man had a name tag on, but he couldn’t see it. Will has bad eyesight and he can’t see things from very far away because he forgot his contacts. Will was so focused on the man, so much in fact that he got startled by his bell and that was the signal that school was over. Will walked about a mile home carrying his trumpet, and it was heavy considering he carried it a long way home. As he was walking home he noticed a face, and it was his best friend Jeremy chasing him. Jeremy, the blonde kid, is very fun to be around. He’s so inviting to others, and he likes baseball. Jeremy was walking home with Will when he saw somebody similar to the man again. This time it wasn’t a man, it was a woman but with the same torn clothing. She had a cat, a straw hat, and a baseball bat. Will didn’t get to say anything to her because he was already home and he noticed Jeremy wasn’t with him anymore. It was just Will and his dad, all alone in their 2 story house. He unlocked the door, and ran upstairs to play on his Nintendo 3DS. Will looked out his bedroom window because he thought he heard Jeremy, but it was the man and the women holding hands. They were skipping and singing, Will didn’t know whether to laugh or scream. He was frozen in fear, a normal day went wrong so fast. Will couldn’t ask his dad because he was busy at the state hospital. Will just stood there, and in a blink of an eye he had an idea. He ran down his steps, leaped off his porch, and it was all for nothing. They already left and now Will was scared. You wouldn’t know it from looking at him, but Will was shy. Will had to do something, he couldn’t call his dad because he didn’t remember his number. He didn’t know what to do so he ran over to his neighbors house and started to pound on his door. Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! No answer, he moved to the next one Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! No answer, and then the next one Thomp! Thomp! Thomp! Jeremys dad was home. Will asked Jeremy’s  father to call 911, but the dad didn’t believe him. Will was shocked that the dad couldn’t see the ghost, and he realized because Jeremy couldn’t see them. When he went to school he asked his teacher if he could see the people outside the window, and he responded no just like all the other people.Will ran back to his house and noticed a random door places in the middle of his living room, and it looked like he was heading towards a basement but he didn’t have a basement.His dad finally got home from work, and he actually saw the door but not the strangers. He got a shovel and started to dig, he found nothing. Just a door, but when his dad went to his next shift it appeared to be a lot more than a door. It was discovered long ago that this was the spot that the zodiac killer had buried all of his victims. It was a portal to hell, and now the strangers were right behind him with a shovel. The girl knocks him out and Will drags his body down the stairs into the portal from hell. The portal is spewing blood and masked creatures stand by not making a sound. We dumped him into the hole and we covered it up without a trace. We waited for his dad to get home and question where Will is. When he came home we stroked. She knocked him out and I dragged him. This all needs to be don’t to keep him happy, for him to feast on the body and blood of the innocent. If not it’s no telling what he would do, all I know is it’ll be hell on earth.

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