This Imperfect World of Ours

Outside my window I cannot see from the fog that covers,

from the government that hovers.

From where we are not judged from the character within,

but rather from our gender or the color of our skin.

I cannot comprehend,

“Girls should cover everything,” but boys walk around with pants thinner than thin.

Where money reigns and depicts,

Who is poor or who is rich.

Everything I thought never was,

All people with disabilities are excluded

from doing everything that everyone else does.

We wear masks that cover our face,

but deep down equality for all is the bigger problem we face.

Though I am a female and I am white, 

I still speak for every individual who is afraid to fight.

I look outside my window and I cannot see,

this “perfect” world that everyone paints it out to be.

Look outside your window…

Is this what you want it to be?

We are all humans and we make mistakes,

but it’s time to stand up and fight for a change.

Look through the window and clear the fog

and truly become “one nation under God.”

Because, hey, maybe we are different after all,

But if we let that change our outlook of each other, inequality will be our downfall.

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