Trapped in The Other World

In a small cabin in the woods of Oregon there was a girl. This girl lived in the woods for one reason. To take care of her grandmother she hunted, and picked wild plants for her grandmother she had a job in town to earn enough money to buy medicine for her grandmother. This grandmother was haunted by expecting the worst in people. Astoria was different though. She always wanted to care for others more than she cared for herself. She always cooked for her grandmother and did anything she needed. the only thing was that her grandmother didn’t want to ever go out, and it was hard to go out because Astoria had to leave her home. Astoria had a dream that she would eventually live in the city, but Astoria never pursued this dream because she knew her grandmother needed her. She knew her grandmother had the terrible idea that people only judged the worst in others and never saw the good. Astoria tried repeatedly to change her grandmothers mind, but each and every time she tried she was told to not talk back to her elders. One day Astoria got invited to a party. Astoria started to do her makeup and hair. She was so exited to go to a party because she had never been to one before. Then she got in the only dress she had. This dress was a beautiful blue dress that went tight in the waist. Astoria picked up the mirror and looked at herself. She had gotten this dress from her mother a week before she disappeared. Astoria missed her mother. Randomly an old lady appeared she claimed she was a fairy sent to take her to the party. This fairy claimed she helped her mother and she wanted to help her too. Astoria was shocked she knew her mother because her mother never talked about a fairy. But right when she said that the so-called fairy pushed her through the mirror, into this other world. This place was dark and gloomy. Astoria was cold. She could feel the water in the air. She saw mindless people walking around. These people looked at her and said, what is wrong with your posture. “ Some said, brush your hair.” Astoria didn’t believe her grandmother when she said she would be judged, but now she does. Astoria knew this wasn’t the world she knew. She had been out before to do her job. But the city didn’t look like this. She started to walk around, but then she realized she was in her cabin. There was something strange, even though everything was same it was all on the opposite side of the cabin. Astoria wanted out. She wanted to go back to her little cabin. She wanted to go back to the memories of her mother that always kept her safe. She went to walk out of the cabin, and she couldn’t tell what was what so she looked out the window and remembered which way the city was. So she started walking. At first everything was fine there was nothing strange at all. Then she saw what looked liked a little spider then randomly the spider it wasn’t small it was huge. Astoria was always scared of giant spiders eating her, but she didn’t think it would happen. Astoria started sprinting as fast as she could. Then she saw a car and got in. this car driver started driving towards a cliff. She started to breathe faster and faster. She could hear her heart beat. Then everything went silent. That one second felt like forever she saw the cliff was getting closer and everything seemed frozen. So Astoria kicked open the door and jumped out of the car. Now she is bleeding. Astoria scraped her knee but nothing too bad. Astoria got back up and started walking back to the city. Once again Astoria saw something. This one was a clown with a chainsaw chasing her. She started to run. She didn’t know what to do. Furthermore, she started to say, “This is real over and over.” Then finally she stopped. Astoria turned around and said, “I don’t care, I am not scared anymore, I don’t care” and right when she said that the clown stopped, shut off the chainsaw and walked away. This made her wonder. So she continued walking to the city. At this point the city was in sight. Astoria saw this city and started to sprint. She got closer and closer, but the closer she got, the worse the city looked. There were buildings with planes in them. Murderers running around the street. Cars burning in the rode. Lions and tigers cornering people. Astoria noticed she wasn’t the only one here. Then she saw a person about to get eaten by a lion, so she ran up to them and said, “hay, this isn’t real. These are all peoples worst fears. Okay I need you to believe. I need you to know you are going to be okay. Okay? Can you do that?” the lady she started talking to looked at the lion and said, “okay I will try. I believe you. I am not scared of this lion I am not scared.” and as soon as she finished the lion walked away. These to lady started walking together to find other people like themselves. He started to hear a cry. This cry was a little boy he was sitting in an alley way looking a huge shadow. Then both of the women started talking in the sink, hey it okay. This monster you are looking at isn’t real, it can’t hurt you. You just have to believe. Say I am not scared.” the little boy shook is head and said, I am not scared, I am not scared, I am not scared.” and the shadow disappeared. They took this little boys hand and looked forward and saw all the mirrors being crushed. Astoria started to put together the facts. Then Astoria said, everything here is in reverse. Think about it, we all came through mirrors. We all have no mirrors because they were taken. Now think about it why would the mirrors be taken. What would they need them for, she paused no one could answer the questions, “obviously the mirrors are our way out. Is no one making sense out of this. Okay everyone will be saved if we use the radio to call everyone to the pile of mirrors. So let’s all just grab one mirror to save and get to the radio station.” so Astoria and her new friends started their way to the radio station. This new hope has made these people move faster. Astoria by this time was already halfway to the radio station. When she got there she noticed everyone was close behind, and they picked up a new follower on the way. The new follower started talking and said, why are we here. Everything I am scared of is everywhere. What do we do., replied, walk through that mirror you should be back in the normal world.” the guy walked through the mirror and never came back? Astoria said, “Okay everyone turn on the radio I am going to talk?” Astoria began, hello everyone, I know you all are probably scared I am trapped in this other world just like you? I need you all to believe me right now. The things you are seeing are just what you are scared of. We all need each other right now so if you can just have courage and not be afraid, then we can all make it out of this. Everyone just grab a mirror or come to the radio station. If you have found a mirror step through it. If you are at the radio station come and step through this mirror. This message will play over and over when everyone gets home to break your mirror, so you can’t come back. I believe in you all” at that moment hundreds of people came flooding in. They all started making a line to step through the mirror. Then Astoria was the last person to step through. When she stepped through she was back in her little cabin. Her grandmother was sleeping. She looked peaceful. Astoria decided that they were going to move to the city. She was going to quit her job and open up a new veterinary clinic. She would own a pretty house with a rap around the porch. Furthermore, she was going to be around friends and other family. Best of all she is going to make sure that no one ever goes back to that world again. As for the so called fairy who put her in that place. This witch is now planning to take over the world in an even more evil and devious way.

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