Truth Or Dare

Sam, Timmy, and Anna always did dumb stuff. They were just regular teenagers messing around and letting their curiosity take them places. They loved to get together and play games, stay out late, and go on adventures. One of their favorite games was truth or dare. They loved this game because the person had to do whatever they were told to do. They’d get in a lot trouble for the majority of their dares but they never cared. This game always brought them closer together. They were just three friends having a good time, until one dare changed everything. 

In the kid’s neighboorhood, there was a house: 5467 Spinner Lane.  Now, this house has been abandoned for years, nobody would even go near it. The family that lived used to live in it suddenly disappeared. Nobody really knows what happened to them. People suspected the family was murdered, or the house was haunted and it made the family disappear. The neighborhood still complains about hearing strange noises which come from the house at night. Nobody would dare to go inside the house, but that was until tonight. Sam and Anna met up at Timmy’s house to hang out for the night. They got bored and decided to do what they always do: play truth or dare. The game started pretty normally but something seemed off about this game to all three. Anna asked Timmy to go into the house.  

“That House?” said Timmy scared in confused.

 “Yes 5467,” said Anna. 

Timmy looked terrified but you could never back down from a dare, so Timmy, Sam, and Anna got up and headed to the house. All three of the kids were shaking they were so nervous. When they arrived at the house Anna proposed that Timmy only had to stay in the house for five minutes. They all agreed. After some well-deserved contemplation, Timmy finally cracked and entered the house. The front door opened slowly with a loud creaking noise; after he stepped in, the door slammed quickly behind him. Sam and Anna stood outside of the house keeping track of the time. One minute passed, then two, then four: they heard nothing of Timmy. When five minutes finally came around, and they yelled “Time!” to let him know his time was up. But he must not have heard them. Timmy never came out of the house. Sam and Anna became very worried. 

“What do we do?” said Anna.

 “We have to go into the house and look for him,” said Sam.

The two friends slowly entered the house. Hand in hand. Sam could feel Anna shaking with fear. They searched the main floor first. They found nothing but cobwebs and furniture covered by old sheets. The only light in the house came from the street light outside. The friends had a hard time seeing, but they managed. They went upstairs next, which was known as one of the scariest parts of the house. The master bedroom was reportedly the most haunted part of the house, and nobody had seen this room for years. Anna thought Timmy had to be in there, but when the entered the room, all they could see was a dim light of a candle. They assumed it was Timmy just playing a cruel trick on them, so they started to shout his name. But as they began shouted louder and louder, the candle suddenly went out. It scared the living crap out of Sam and Anna. They rushed out of the bedroom scared and confused. They couldn’t leave though; they needed to find Timmy. The last place to look was the basement. It was one of those basements that you would have to pull a trap door in the floor to open. The friends yanked the door to the basement open and walked down the eerie, creeky stairs. When they got to the bottom of the stairs, the first thing that caught their eyes was a shadow behind a support beam. Sam shouted Timmy’s name, calling for him to come out from behind the pole; but the shadow didn’t move. Sam then approached the shadow, his heart was beating through his chest. Something jumped in front of Sam and tackled him. Sam squirmed and rolled on the floor, trying to get away. He couldn’t quite make out what was on top of him. Suddenly he heard laughing. It was Anna laughing hysterically. The thing on top of him pulled off a mask it was Timmy. 

“Timmy what the heck man, you scared the crap out of me,” Sam said furiously.

Timmy explained that he and Anna planned to scare Sam. They had planned the truth or dare game to end up like this. It was all an elaborate prank. Sam was mad but couldn’t help but smile at how perfectly planned it was. The three friends then swore to never pull any more pranks and left the house unscathed. They all went back home and enjoyed a night of horror movies and ice cream.  

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