My name is Marabeth Addington. I live in my family’s house, but they’ve left me behind in this quiet, unwelcoming place. This house is unclean and covered with cobwebs. The house has busted windows and chipped paint. The paint makes me think about how my family became broken within seconds. 

 Some of the time, I enjoy looking out the window. I am happy that I am alone, but sometimes it makes me sad. I never know what to do with myself. An orangish-colored cat often comes into the house. It just sits in the corner of my room and stares at me. My room has grey, plain, drapes. They remind me how disappointing my life is. Sometimes I feel like I am far away from the world.

I’m so used to the quiet that I drown in my thoughts. Did the door just open? Is there a ghost? Best if I go check it out. Is that a little girl? Her mother and father are with her too! I cannot have the intruders see me, so I better hide quick!

“Honey, this would be amazing for our family. And the realtor said that this house has been abandoned for 96 years in counting. ” the fellow said.

“I am just a little upset that you didn’t even ask me to come and look at the house first. And it needs a lot of work and cleaning. It is disgusting. How much did you say that you paid for this house?” the mother said.

“None of that matters now. Everything will be okay and you will grow to love it. I promise you, love,” says the father. “Audrey, go pick out your room. You can have whatever room you want, besides the big grey room. That will be me and your mother’s room.”

“Yes father, I will be sure to leave that for you and mommy. And I will make sure that when the baby comes, that he will have a nice room too.” says the little girl.

“Hello?” I venture out to see these new visitors. Why are they ignoring me? How rude of them. Maybe they are deaf? Maybe not. They were talking to each other just fine. I’ll try again, with the little one.  I stand near her and say, “Well hello, little girl.” Nothing. 

 Did she just run right past me? This family is totally absurd. I can’t stand another minute of being humiliated. How dare people come into my house and pretend that I am not even existing. I have lived in this house for many years now and I know that people never just come out of nowhere and act so rudely. Especially, as the host, they should have called on the telephone beforehand. 

Perhaps if I cook a nice dinner for them, then they will respect me. I must start cooking right away. I know that they will really like a nice homemade dinner. I can use one of my father’s recipes and momma’s famous dessert. I wish that they would still come over to visit once in a while. It gets lonely without them, but now I have guests over. 

I don’t seem to find any of the people that had come here. They must be in their rooms. So chicken, cornbread, broccoli cheddar bake, and asparagus. Sounds good to me. And finally some chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. This will take a couple of hours.

*2 hours later*

“And finally…supper is ready!” I say.

“Honey, I didn’t know that you were going to make something for supper. I thought that we were getting pizza tonight. Whatever you made smells good.” says the father.

“What are you talking about? I never made anything for supper. But something does smell good.” says the wife.

“Well I made supper, so you guys get cleaned up and come downstairs. Everything is prepared and since you are my guests then you can sit back and relax.” Now I can sit down and wait. Everything will go as planned and be amazing. 

“Can you and Audrey come down here? Now!” says the worried wife.

It seems like she is disturbed by something. “Hello. I am the owner of this house and supper is prepared. I worked especially hard on it since you guys are my guests. I haven’t had company in a long time.” Why isn’t she looking at me while I speak? That is just rude and unpleasant. “Madam? Is there something wrong? You look disturbed.”

“Hon, please come down here.” says the wife.

“What is wrong? Whoa! Did you make all of this?” asks the husband.

“No, maybe someone came and did this.” says the wife

“I did it! I made this for supper and I really hope that you enjoy it!” I shout. Why aren’t they looking at me? “Please come and sit down,” I try again. 

Maybe I should talk to them about this problem? No, that would be rude. I don’t like the way they are treating me though. 

“Audrey, dear, please come down here,” yells the mother. “Please come and sit down to eat.”

“Momma, look! It’s a kitty!”, says the girl. “If I catch it, can we keep it? Please dad.”

“I guess so, but you better take care of the thing,”says the father. “It’s nice of someone to prepare so much food for us. It is a nice supper for our first night living in our new home.” 

“Excuse me, I don’t appreciate how you’re treating me. I feel like I should be respected, even after I prepare a wonderful meal that I worked hard to make. I am sorry but I am not trying to be rude. Now I am going to get washed up before we eat. Excuse me.” I hope that I didn’t sound unmannerly. I just hope that they see that I am a civil person. Now I better go upstairs and get changed. 

What in the world is this? Perhaps they have mistaken my room for theirs. I can just move their bags for them. I think that the blue room will be good for them. There ya go! Ok, everything is back to normal and now I have to get changed. 

“Did you hear that?” says the mother.

“No. What are you talking about?” asks the father.

“The big thud that came from upstairs. Can you go check it out?” asks the mother.

“Yes dear,” says the father. “Perhaps she is hearing things because I didn’t hear anything. I am ready for bed though. I better check in our room first.”

“Now where did our bags go? They were just right here. Maybe they’re in another room or somewhere where Audrey could have gotten them.” the father says.

“They aren’t in her room. Maybe this room. Well, the door is locked. Bexley? Have you seen the keys that goes to this room?” asks the father.

“What room are you talking about, Honey?” asks Bexley, the mother.

“Please come here.” says the husband. 

“Here are all of the keys… I didn’t even see that room before,” says Bexley. “Try this one.”

“It worked. There are our bags! How did they get in here?” asks the husband.

“I feel like something weird has been going on. I don’t feel comfortable in this house. It is very weird. First, it was dinner and now it is our bags. I am scared and I don’t feel like this is safe for Audrey. Speaking of Audrey where is she? Audrey? Where are you?” asks Bexley.

“Momma, I am just talking to Miss Mara. Did you know she lives here too?” says Audrey.

“Baby, there is no one there.” says Bex.

“Madam, I have been here all day. I was just talking to your daughter about all of the things that happened on your way over here. I also wanted to know more about you guys.” I say.

“Mommy, kitty can see her! She made me realize that we aren’t alone in the house.”, says Audrey.

“Dear, she must have an imaginary friend. Awe, how old is she?” asks the father.

“I don’t know, let me ask. Mommy and daddy want to know how old you are.” says Audrey.

“Well dear, I am 32.” I say.

“She is 32. It is rude of you guys to ignore her and you could have asked her yourself. Also, she moved your bags since you misplaced them in her room.”

“Audrey, how did you know about the bags?” asks the mother.

“She told me,” says Audrey.

“Miss, I didn’t mean to be rude and move your things.” I say.

“ Now Audrey, I am not joking. Did you move the bags?”

“No mamma. I didn’t, Mara did.”

“Miss, I did, like I just said.” I say.

“Dear, your friend is not real. I don’t like how you moved our things.”

How can these people just ignore me like this? It’s like I’m not here. It’s like I am a ghost.

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