Watching You

I feel something staring at me from across my room staring at me but they will show their selves. Here I am staring at someone from across my room hoping one day I can show myself. Since the new neighbor moved in, it feels like strange things are happening well maybe if I just ignore everything things will get better I hope my neighbor won’t think I am weird I just want to be close to them but here I am looking at them outside the window, but I really hope they stop ignoring me. Going to school is fun until now I feel a bit creeped out, why won’t you show yourself? I applied to the same school as you, because I do not know anyone here and you might think I am weird for following you so I can’t show myself to you. There you are, At the front of my class, introducing yourself and staring at me like I do not know who you are. Here I am at the front of your class looking at you, wondering what you think of me and what kind of person I am. The teacher asked you to sit down and you took the seat behind me, now I wonder if I should introduce myself or will you say something to me. I walked to the desk behind you just thinking to myself should I say something to you because I know you would not talk to me. It was lunchtime, you didn’t bring anything to eat, so I asked if you wanted one of my sandwiches your eyes beamed as you said yes and that made me smile It was lunchtime, I haven’t eaten for a while but then you came and gave me one of your sandwiches and I was happy and I think it is nice to see you smile. Days continued like that and we walked home together, Now I realized you’re misunderstood then we said our goodbyes, Now I went up to my room seeing you moving your curtains looking at me, now I looked back, staring at you outside my window.

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