What Eyes Can See Through a Pane of Glass

Through my window I see a pane of glass separating me from reality

A thought of opening and letting another life form into my room, my headspace would circulate a panic

Though life outside my room scars me I still look out the window, I still dare to see the world in its true form

A window can separate you from anyone and everywhere 

Outside my window there is many things… color , red, blue, green, violet

My favorite colors shine through the window in snow, rain and shine

I see ivy waving, dancing and weaving through the earth

Ivy is a weed 

But yet it looks alluring

Ivy hides the beautiful,

The things that want to be kept a secret are kept 

Most people look at the world with blurry vision

Like mist on a monday

You look through the window still half asleep 

Outside my window I see garbage lying on the ground and floating in our polluted hudson river

I see garbage dancing and tanged in the air

I see old victorian houses 

My pane of glass is the same pane of glass my house was built with

Many people have looked out my window

To see trees and the river

Trees swim in the wind 

Swaying to the motion with the wind

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