What’s Outside Your Window?

What’s outside my window? What a great question, so ignored and underappreciated. Probably because the most common answer is just, “grass” or “buildings.” I mean, it’s not wrong; just not what it could be. Well, outside my window, is grass. Outside my window sits lush green grass, towering trees, messily made and repaired roads, and houses and neighbors of all shapes and sizes. Just an average, plain view of a front yard in the suburbs. The green grass that I used to trample down while playing hide ‘n’ seek and tag, bolting as if I was being chased by a bear. The towering trees with bases of stone that I used to balance on and sprint around while I waited for my friends to arrive for our play-date. The messily made and repaired roads, bumpy and full of holes, that I used to run straight down the middle of, that I used to skateboard, scooter, and bike on, that I used to fill with colorful chalk. The houses that I’ve been in and know my way around by heart, and the houses which I’ve only ever been near while trick or treating every October. The neighbors that have moved in and out, the neighbors that are new and have kids to be babysat, and the neighbors that are old and have seen this neighborhood grow and change. Outside my window sits a boring suburban front yard, ordinary and dull, and packed full of memories. Outside my window is the front yard I used to adore, the same one I haven’t set foot in months. Well, I guess it is easier just to answer “grass.” Otherwise, you might start to notice the way your childhood has changed, you may uncover memories you wish you hadn’t. So what’s outside my window? Grass. Just grass.

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