White Privilege

I think it’s funny when one says white privilege isn’t true

How could you think that when the evidence so clearly shines through?

To be honest

I really don’t know where to start

The injustice and dehumanization has ripped thousands of people apart

Should I start with slavery — the worst of it all

When thousands of blacks were shipped like cattle to their ultimate fall

What does it mean when someone is only ¾ of a person

When freedom is decided by territory bargains 

Gladly I’ve never been locked in chains 

But I still feel the effects of slavery today 

When I walk down the street with my dark skinned brothers 

I see people lock their cars, and whisper to another

What does it mean to be pretty for a black girl?

Please explain to me stranger 

How one can talk like a color

Tell me why people wince when I say that I’m black

How did the negative connotations we know today become attached?

How does one explain the case of Emmett Till

Have you ever seen a 14 year old white boy be lynched for calling out to a girl?

White privilege is built into the core of our nation 

But tell me who it was that created the foundation

Imagine living in a world where your work gets you nothing 

Because the cycle of poverty continues chaining 

If it isn’t the shitty healthcare, education, or opportunities that leads us to our demise

It’ll probably be the cops – Wait aren’t they supposed to be on our side?

In conclusion, and I don’t mean to be impolite

Before you tell me white privilege isn’t real

Get your fucking facts right. 

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