Win for the Law

Jules Franco is an innocent-looking 19-year-old. She’s a well-known Cybercriminal, a Skilled Arsonist, and an immensely Intellectual Serial Killer. No one knows what she looks like tho she is known to be quite attractive. Her unwavering attitude to take on the world combined with her brave endeavours is something the authorities have never faced before. She tends to work alone. Usually, that is. Alissa, head of the criminal investigation unit, found out not long ago that Franco, along with a team of other wanted criminals, is planning on breaking into the city bank. The Police took immediate measures to secure the bank as soon as possible. Everyone knew those measures meant nothing, especially Franco. 

Jules Franco, code-name Owl, would have to jump-start the plan by stealing a van from nearby and bringing it to their hideout. It was a pretty extravagant hideout. Contrary to the regular one chosen or made so that criminals could hide in plain sight. This hideout had a rather colourful and bold sign that said The Assassin’s Force. Jules often liked to break the law in style. 

The assassin’s force possessed five active members. Eagle, a tough, macho and somewhat scary 30-year-old guy that fears nothing. Falcon, an overly intellectual hacker who had helped Franco commit various cybercrimes in the past.  Swan, a graceful but swift lady who knows five kinds of martial arts, taekwondo, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, judo and Kung Fu. Quail, a regular guy with a slight criminal record. He and Owl were high school best friends, and it seems it has stayed that way. Some of his hobbies include blasting Blackpink music to annoy Jules and learning Blackpink song choreographies. Last but not least, we have Jules Franco, also known as the Owl. The one and only leader of The Assassin’s Force.

And so the heist began. 

As discussed earlier, Franco got the van. Eagle grabbed the weapons, and they all got in as quick as possible. They headed to the city bank. Jules acted like a feisty kid excited by the thrill of all this. It wasn’t anything new for her, but she still felt this exhilarating sensation intoxicating every part of her. Just like the first time she robbed a place.
When they reached the city bank, Owl gave Falcon a signal to start the operation. She pulled out her computer and hacked away. In no time, Falcon bypassed the city bank security system. Next up was Swan. She got rid of the security guards in a few strikes, and they were ready to commence the next part of the plan. 
Little did they know the criminal investigation’s team was watching their every move behind the scenes. They had eyes on each person within 20 metres of the bank, and it didn’t take them long to realize who the masterminds of this seemingly clever plan were. This team was lead by Alyssa James, often doubted because of her gender even tho she is one of the best in her field. 

The assassination’s force, oblivious to what was about to happen, went on with their plan. They broke into the bank. Owl flashed her weapons at one of the employees and ordered him to make an announcement. “Tell the staff to gather in the main hall. Everyone else should evacuate immediately. Understood?” she said. The Man nodded and made the announcement, “EVERYONE ON THE PREMISES IS REQUIRED TO EVACUATE IMMEDIATELY! The staff is to gather in the main hall,” 

The Eagle and Swan rushed to the main hall to get the staff under control. The bank staff started questioning why they were gathering here. Swan was quick to respond. “well, you’re serving as our hostages, of course!” she answered. “hostages?” a brave lady asked. “yes, we’re robbing the bank and look! I have a gun too! How bout you all stay QUIET,” Swan said. The murmur immediately stopped, and the atmosphere in that room became intense. No person in that room knew if they would make it out alive, and that’s something perplexing to soak in for most. Eagle confiscated everyone’s phones and threatened to shoot anyone who tried going against them. The room was dead silent the whole time.  

The authorities were aware of their criminal intent. Owl told them to deliver a ransom to the bank if they wanted these hostages to live. The Police were aware that they couldn’t provide this big of a ransom. So Petra, a member of the criminal investigations team, suggested they go with plan B. Barge in and attack. Since they already identified the criminals, it wouldn’t be too hard to take them down. 

As planned, the criminal investigations team, along with ten police officers, infiltrated the building and tracked down each member of the assassination’s force. None of them gave up without a fight. Somehow, Petra managed to carry her one on one duel with the Swan outside the building. Petra got slammed against a tree in an attempt to disarm her. Unfortunately, she didn’t survive. Two of her colleagues, Fleur and Xander, took matters into their own hands and pinned down Swan.  By this time, two police officers had already retrieved all 12 hostages and escorted them to a safer place. 

Alyssa took on Jules and arrested her in no time. The other three criminals were also later caught and arrested. Alyssa recited the Miranda rights, “You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say may be used against you in court, and you have the right to an attorney,”

The assassination’s force was put on trial in court. Attempting to rob a city bank is no misdemeanour. Along with all the other dark figures of crime committed by Jules, She deserved no less than the death penalty. The rest were also put on trial and received their punishments according to their criminal record and wrongdoings. Thus another win for the law.

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