World of Possibilities

Looking out a window you see a joined neighborhood, everyone knows everyone, friends, families. Taking a walk or even driving in a car you will get a friendly, welcoming smile. But looking a little closer you see a world of opportunities. A world where everyone has those dreams that have .01% chance of coming true but no one ever gives up. No matter if those dreams are almost impossible to easy you never give up. A world where you are going to get pushed down so many times but only stay down when you give up. A world where people are chasing their dreams. A world where dreams turn into reality. A world where everyone is living their best life. I see a world that is going to try to make you give up on your dreams, but the only person who turns them into reality is you. You have the control over life just like a person has the control over breathing. Even though life throws a bunch of negatives into your life doesn’t give you an excuse to give up. If you really want someone you will continue to work until you get it. Denzel Washington once said “Dreams without goals are just dreams”. Life does get hard but one day you’re going to look outside and realize that you made it. The day you look back and realize that all those struggles, the downs and ups brought you to this moment. No matter what life throws at you, you never give up. 

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