Wounds That Can Heal

Outside my window

Souls crash down 

Lungs breathing their last 

These souls extinguish like blown-out candles

Pointless discrimination based on 

Culture, religion, color, sexuality 

Victims aren’t what others say they are

They have a love, an identity, a smile 

A chain to the hand; a hand to the neck; a shot to the


Bodies suffocating for being themselves

Bangs and clanks and clangs

Love dissipates in the rain of hate

But rain eventually stops

The world is broken not un-fixable 

There are cracks and hinges and rips

But it is still one

Because when I look outside of my window 

I don’t see broken people

I glimpse tape and glue 

Uniting these broken pieces together 

Scars become gifts of knowledge

These peeled bandages 

encase something stronger 

Words, and notes, and voices

They ameliorate the suffering

Bringing those who accept each other

together as one

And those who feel the need to hate

Will have to go against everyone

When one person is pushed down 

Everyone else picks them up 

This is what I see outside my window

I see wounds

But I also see cures

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