Welcome to your accounts tutorial –– a brief walkthrough of what your account can do, and how you can unlock its potential. Read on to review or learn your account’s functionality, including starting and managing your conversations, conversation visibility, taking conversations off the platform, and more.

Managing Your Account

To access your profile, click the top right hand corner of your screen. Your profile is the centralized spot for all your conversations –– both those that you have started (under “comments”) and that others have started on your stories (“posts”). Remember, that all such conversations are private and between you and the author of the story –– comments won’t be visible to anyone else. Click “my profile” to see your profile, and “my account” to change your account settings.

Starting a conversation

To start a conversation with an author of another story, scroll down and leave a comment on their story. It will be a private conversation between you and the author of that story –– same goes for when someone replies to your story.

You can keep track of all comments and replies on your profile.

Remark on a Winner's Story

To remark on a winner’s story, scroll down to the bottom and leave a comment. Please note: your comment will be visible to everyone on the platform –– your conversation won’t be private like any other story. 

Manage Comments

You can manage comments you’ve made, or comments from others on your stories. To manage a comment, click the gear icon. From there you can edit it, delete it, discard it, block the user from commenting again, or click the “email” button to take your conversation off the platform.

Submitting A New Story

To submit a new story, click Submit Your Story in the top menu. Make sure you click the box indicating you have an account, or we won’t be able to connect it to your profile.