How Would You Like to Be Immortal?

“How would you like to be immortal?” The question rang through the room, causing the listener’s heart to beat faster. Immortality–it seemed like something that everyone was chasing after, especially this man, Gabriel Carlin.  “Well, I should probably correct that statement,” The man in the suit chuckled as he leaned forward across the desk, bringing […]

Fighting the Fight? Please.

I’m not sure that I am courageous. I am certainly afraid. I’m terrified. There are mothers who get out of bed everyday to teach their children and simultaneously goes to work. There are front line health professionals, fighting for lives every second of every day. Essential workers leave the safety of their homes, putting their […]


“Mom are you okay,” she asked in a voice so loving and gentle. I could hear the concern, the fear, the worry. Is today the last day I see her? What do I do if she’s not okay? Why does she have to put me through this? Those are words that echo through her beautiful […]


“Mom are you okay,” she asked in a voice so loving and gentle. I could hear the concern, the fear, the worry. Is today the last day I see her? What do I do if she’s not okay? Why does she have to put me through this? Those are words that echo through her beautiful […]

I Saw Him

Lightning ripped through the sky, but I had to keep going. Rain seared the deep lacerations across my body, but my legs still chased the horizon with desperation. Hair clung to my cheeks as if in fear of being left behind like everything else; tears laced my face in haphazard patterns before falling to the […]

A Chance Encounter

Carrie looked into each set of eyes, and they all looked back at her longingly. One by one, cage by cage, she peered inquisitively inside each, hopeful that her search would be a success. It felt like a harrowing task to choose only one from all the shelter animals. Some were too big or too […]

The Chosen one

The day started out like any other day. The sun was shining, the birds were singing sweet melodies, and a sea of yellow covered every outdoor surface. Today was to be the day that is anticipated all week long. The excitement was building as time was drawing closer to the actual event. People hovered and […]

Just Needed a Little Bravery

As Raina was listening to music she couldn’t stop herself from thinking about the past that haunts her in her dream. The secrets that she kept from her family because she doesn’t know how to tell them or where to even start. The secrets that she only can write about. She doesn’t know how to […]

The Color Above

I look in the mirror thinking to myself tomorrow my whole life will change. The appointment is set and Doctor Andrews called to assure the procedure. When you turn sixteen your whole life changes, you get a car, you feel more like an adult and not a teenager, but this biggest change of all is […]

The Bathing Suit

5’2. Ha! Too short. Eyes too spread apart. Big Nose brigde. Lets see… hmm…of course! Her teeth! Too crooked. Bit chubby, but it’s cute. what else. Ah! She definitely went overboard with the makeup. I mean… who could blame her? Hmmm. 5/10. “RILEY!” my best friend Gianna yelled. “U-huh?” I replied. “You zoned out. Oh […]


Meghan I bought twice as much butter as the recipe called for. Two times as much. I’m not good at math but I know that double is more than enough. Goddamnit. The night is ruined. Gamma  “This day is for thanks and giving not bitchin’ and moanin’. I can drive to Albertsons if I could […]

A Hero Has Fallen

She was always in a battle not just physically, but mentally. She was a tall, young woman with luminescent eyes that caught your attention when you looked at her. She had fought in the army as a soldier. Two years ago she was at war trying to attack the enemy when everything changed. She got […]

Dirt Roads

In the dirt roads, a little small town will the population just under 1,000.  There was a boy who wanted to escape this town. He wanted to go to the city to be free an act however he would like. But there was a problem, he was stuck in the town by a promise he […]


With that feeling of pain going through every part of my body, I knew I did the right thing. Waking up on a Sunday morning with the sun going through the blinds streaming in my eyes is a great way to wake up. As I feel the warmth of the sun on my body I […]

The Hike of Glory

It was a beautiful morning in Fujinomiya city and Gerome the lord of snails wanted to make a discovery because he only had a few months left to live. That evening Gerome couldn’t seem to get any sleep. Every second of the never ending dreary night Gerome lay awake staring at the top of the […]

The Airman

She was just a young, inexperienced air force nurse, twenty-three and lived in Charleston, South Carolina. Late one spring night she found out that she was getting deployed to New York City to help prevent the spread of the highly contagious disease, COVID-19. There was no telling how long she would be gone from her […]

I’m Still Standing

This was the moment she has waited for ever since she started playing lacrosse in fourth grade. She has put in so much effort and has worked so hard for this moment. She will soon open a letter and find out if she would be playing lacrosse in college at her dream school. She ripped […]

Once Upon A Pre-Covd-19 Time

Once upon a time there lived a young adult named Charlotte. Right before her loving mom died, Charlotte was given the family heirloom, a prized sewing machine. Amidst all the junk that clogged up Charlotte’s cottage sat the blue, bulky machine. Charlotte made beautiful dresses from the machine; each one more intricate than the one […]

My Friend Samantha

The day it happened was colder than usual, which was especially odd given the stifling humidity of a Maine summer. It began as camp days usually did. After the trumpet wake-up call, we rushed to get dressed, go to breakfast, and return to our cabin for clean up and inspection. Then we split up, each […]

Project EF5/Supercell

Supercell Headlines of an imminent EF5 tornado flashed across screens. The people panicked, frantically gathering their belongings, their hearts racing. The pressure over this small, isolated town was odd. Never before was there a threat so grand, a threat that challenged the long-lasting tranquility of SouthStone. Coleman Inn reflected the town’s status: Not the best, […]