Fog kept covering my glasses each time I took out a breath. It was a cold afternoon it was fall but we had an early winter most days. Today I felt  a bit more afraid than the last time, the sun was close to setting but I had always made it home before dark.  I […]


Pitched screams pierced the atmosphere.A tattered leather-bound book rested amidst the rubble.The corridor lay silent. With time came a breeze. The pages fluttered open, landing upon a diagram.A horse was depicted, in perfect proportion.Various sections of meat, bones, and organs were laid out neatly.  Ichor seeped from the room above. Small smatterings of conglomerated blood coated the […]

The Dream

I woke up from a nightmare in the middle of the night. It was about the horror movie I had just watched a few hours earlier. My house felt empty and quiet, but I figured that was because everyone was asleep. I tried to go back to sleep, but after about 5 minutes of lying […]

Doll Face

It was the day of Halloween and everyone is on tilt. Every year on the night of Halloween a group of kids  went missing and would be found the next day only hours into morning dead. Some years it would be small groups, other years the group would be big. One year they were found […]

The Pandemic

Damon is the only friend left of his friend group. The unfortunate events started when they all got into a car crash and somehow everybody but him disappeared. A couple weeks later he had a nightmare and woke up with a feeling that he was being watched. He opened his eyes but couldn’t move his […]

Halloween Isn’t Once a Year Anymore

They say Halloween comes once a year for the kids to go door to door saying“Trick-or-Treat”, a sappy excuse for the human population to dress up as foolish as they want,and a day to spread fear of ghosts and horrors. But, what if Halloween didn’t just come once ayear? What if Halloween was everyday? You’re […]

Gift or Curse

It was getting dark as Jamez was walking home from school. He was a lil chilly, so he was wearing a hoodie and jogging pants. He didn’t need anything too thick because he was a hotbox. As he walked, he heard a loud howl from something that sounded like a wolf, it sounded weird. He […]


 In a small town called yoorana, where only small misdemeanors take place.. On this one night this town will never be the same. It will cause the whole world to become imbalanced.       CRACK! The loud sound as tombstones crack open with people crawling out of them. They’re not zombies… their regular people! They appear to […]

Strange Aeons

I’m trying to remember the last thing my mom said to me.  Were we fighting?  I wouldn’t be surprised. We fight a lot. I mean, a lot, a lot. Some would say too much. We don’t think so. We simply attribute it to our Mediterraneaness.  That makes me smile.  Why are you smiling? I stop […]

The Man in the Mirror

Footsteps slowly creaked up the stairs, and the bedroom door handle turned with a shudder. I panicked and headed for my window. Outside there was only darkness, what was waiting for me behind that door was a fate worse than death. Into the darkness I jumped. I remained on the ground there until I could […]

The Stranger

A shrill cry echoed through the heavy mist that infected the frozen woods. My mind replayed the horrid scenes that happened minutes earlier; My happy family camping, then suddenly being dragged away by darkness.  Now, here I was. Hopelessly lost in the dark, cold, forest. Icy chills ran down my back causing each hair on […]

The Watch

  Yeah, I’ll be with you soon. Paul’s text illuminated the screen, averting James’s attention from the road. “He’ll meet us there,” sighed James to his wife, Violet. Recovering alcoholic, James was exhausted by life’s yelling—this trip was much needed. As trees crowded them with no other car in sight, they felt like the only people […]

The Nothing in Me

The light flickered in the bathroom as I brushed my teeth.  Willing my eyes not to look up at the mirror.  Harder and harder I scrubbed, trying to forget what today is.  The day which decided my fate.   When the taste of metal filled my mouth, his handsome yet devilish face appeared.  Of course, he […]

Aunt Andrea’s Cabin

Today was the day that I have been dreading ever since my parents broke the news to me. I’d be spending a whole week with Aunt Andrea in her cabin. Aunt Andrea is a strange and isolated woman. She lives in a small cabin in Maine with her cat, Moose, and has only said about […]

Ace is on the Case

“Ace, isn’t it exciting? Two dates!!” Angie smiles widely at me, clearly hoping I’ll share her enthusiasm. “Who knows, maybe one of them will be my boyfriend soon! Maddox or Gabe?” Boyfriend? Gabe? Maddox? I know those boys! Maddox goes there to play football while Gabe goes there with his hoard of little siblings. Apparently, […]


The thing is when I woke up on October 31st to be bombarded with happy birthday messages I did not think it would be my last. In fact, the only thought running through my head was how annoying it was. Each year my little group tries to come up with clever little things, like, Haunted […]

Rat King

 “They didn’t treat the kids good here,” Marks inquired, “did they?”  “Only the rats were,” Officer Bells quipped.  The dirty confinement covered in torn wallpaper painted with feces enclosed an overwhelming reek of neglect, the air tasting of sour milk covered in a thick layer of old mold. The small room on the right hosting […]


As soon as I clicked the radio on, I knew something was wrong. I had received this truck two days ago for my sixteenth birthday: it was beat, but the radio couldn’t be shot already. After kicking, punching, and screaming at it for a couple minutes, I left Rosemelt High assuming that our middle-of-nowhere-town finally […]


RING RING     “Ugh stupid alarm” Samantha said and hits the alarm so it can stop ringing.      It’s 6 am and you can tell that Amanda is tired of getting up this early. Today is her first day of 10th grade.      “Samantha! Get up and come down for breakfast!” Samantha’s mom, Alexa, says.  […]

In Lieu of You

 A young girl stood on a train, feeling as though she was late for an important meeting. The higher her nerves climbed, the faster the cracked, moldy stones moved beyond the windows. Her knees groaned as she struggled to maintain balance, and her arms swung about, searching for something to grab. The metal interior bore […]