I’ve dreamt of a forest.

There is a forest. I’ve dreamt of a forest green and bright and rainy and warm. I knew where to go. There is a forest. I ache in the middle of the day for scenery I do not know and have not seen before. But I know sunlight filters through leaves and I know that […]

Tonight’s Episode

Everyone was seated anxiously around the soundbox to hear how the situation had progressed. The small radio system spurted to life, and with a few minor adjustments, the words soon became clear.  There was a familiar voice at the other end.  “Good Evening, everyone! And welcome to tonight’s episode of Human Observation where our experts […]

A Chance for All

I keep falling No matter how careful I am But someone always trips me Yet I never scram   I keep falling Every time I get back up Because something ties my feet to the ground And I got no backup   I keep falling Whenever I speak the truth Never lied, never cheated Not […]

Dear Books

Dear Books,  I read not for the story or for the satisfaction, but the people. I read for the people because they have a story that you live to share. The people in your stories are only characters on a page, until I read. Then, their world becomes my own and we’re both perpetually bound […]

A Journey Through A Baseball Game

A baseball, a white little speckle, spirals towards me as I dig my back foot into the batters box. The ball’s seams appear to be in slow motion, the leather spinning back and forth, but I keep my laser focus as I swing. *** On deck only hoping to not make myself look like a […]

This Corner of The World

People don’t know what happened to you; they assumed you are content in this world… If people could see you from the inside they would understand. I have been through my mother taking her own life… Do you know how I feel? If I told you that people think I’m gonna cry, in reality I […]

Kansas City Window (My Side)

People die everyday and we make it seem like its for the better, Black lives matter is what we scream but it aint no way we’ll ever come together  We get angry when the whites kill blacks, not saying we’re not supposed to but how can we ever feel so angry when us blacks kill […]


Each night, the last thing I do before slipping between my sheets and resting my heavy head on my pillow, is walk over to my window. In the process of reaching up to close my blinds, I stop to take a brief glance at the few lit windows in the buildings surrounding our little alley-way-courtyard […]


A period of time in everyone’s life, just the reasons are different as to why you are silent Some people are silenced by the death of a loved one Some are silenced by their insecurities and social validation I fall into the second category I feel as if I am paralyzed mentally by my insecurities […]

Man Down

THUMP,THUMP Cindy’sheart raced as the erratic pounding against her front door went on. THUMP,THUMP, THUMP, accompanied byloud wails for help. Cindy clutched her ears tightly as she attempted to haltthe sounds coming from behind her house door. However, it was no use, as they kept shrieking and hammering, each new THUMP, THUMP, THUMPmaking Cindy cringe as […]

Deja Vu

There was an unusual chill in the air and wind blew through Ashlyn’s short, frizzy hair as she waited at the bus stop. It arrived at school and by lunch, she was already wishing it was the weekend again, and she got a sense of Deja Vu. When the day ended and she got home, […]

The Girl Sitting Alone at the Table

You see her over there, at the isolated table. Isolated because you’re in the middle of a pandemic, a deep swimming pool where you don’t know which way is up and which is down and should you breathe and reach the surface or are you going to drown with lungs full of water, to put […]

The Flood

Grief hits me like a flood, And suddenly I’m falling.  I can’t hold myself up anymore, So I sink to the ground Kneeling down My head bowed low. I plead and pray for you to come back But I don’t get an answer. I know I never will. I recover quickly from my little episode, […]

My Brick House, My Window, and The World

I wish I could say I have a beautiful, stunning, scenic view from the 25th floor of my towering apartment building in London, overlooking some famous landmark. But that would be a complete lie. The truth is, my “beautiful, stunning, scenic” view is of a brigade of currently dead trees and honeysuckle vines that hints […]

Without My Window

Without my windows, I’d lack cognizance, Unaware of all external affairs. I’d hold abundant amounts of inquiries regarding  what goes on beyond the walls of my   compact capsule of thought. With no other option than to plunge into endless thinking, I’d waver useless ideas and concepts back and forth and back and forth  Until unavailing […]

Life’s a Mess!

Living on lockdown during a virus pandemic is really, I mean, extremely hard, it is so hard to keep thinking about saying “Oh It’s the end of the world!” I always feel like I have a bad corner somewhere, and I am stuck between two worlds, one fit for playing and taking my place, and […]

The Talking City

Hi there! You told me you wanted a tour of St. Louis?     Okay good. Let’s start at the zoo.     Before we get started, Hi! I’m Danny     Let’s start at the St. Louis Zoo     So this is the St. Louis Zoo. From the giant concrete zoo sign at the entrance to the […]

I am not the same

Living in louisville kentucky these past few months you would guess it’s been bad right. No it hasn’t. It’s been the same. We had ice glaze over and the most snow we’ve seen in years. There are areas of louisville. When Breona Taylor died there wasn’t any justice, there were riots. This seems like the […]

When You Pay Attention

When I used to think of Vermont I thought of trees. Just trees. I had never been to this very green state to admire the greenery until the summer of 2018. We were told we had to move across the country to Vermont away from my home in California. It stunned me. And the worst […]

My Side Is Different

I wish the people could see the beauty in imperfections. ‘Your too short “”your to fat “”your too dark”no, I’m beautiful. Im unique. The world is so hard on everyone, having this set image on how everyone is supposed to look, kinda like a uniform. You’re supposed to have an hourglass shape, be 5’4 and […]