Lucifer’s Master Plan

Lucifer: I want him—body and soul. Waituntil he reeks of fear and desperation for, by then, he will be ripe for thepicking. Do not fail me, Amon (Virgil). Amon the demon, disguised asVirgil proceeds to watch Dante *** Virgil watches Dante as he walkstoward the Usurers Geryon: A human? Did I smell his cord correctly? […]

Eighth Circle Confessions

[Dante]: Ulysses, from within the fire, when my master told me your flame could speak, I didn’t believe him. Truly, after hearing of your voyage, I have no choice. I’ve been dying to ask you a very important question, the matter is dire. In fact, it’s a matter of life or death. How ーThe flame […]

Strange Fruits

The nurse had pushed the curtains aside so that she could have a look out at the night sky from her bed. Through the wide-open window, she could hear the cicadas singing. It had been a good day. Days like this are rare in her age. All the children and grandchildren had come for her […]


“Calor! Calor!” Calor’s older brother tackled the giggling boy to the ground, their arms flailing about like birds set free.   “Come back!” Mal cried, unable to resist the contagious fits of laughter from the boy. “Catch me if you can!” Calor erupted into bright delight, springing from the lush grass and diving into the vibrant […]

A Passion of Light

Waking up from the loud ringing of her alarm, Melody gets up, and without hesitation, leaves her house in almost record time. Afraid of being late, Melody takes the first subway to her college campus, and while waiting there, Melody takes the time to look outside the window to her city. In the newly established […]

After a Birthday Party

[after a birthday party] the crowd has ended, the party has left you stoop, bent in half at the waist like the creased  napkins you lift  from the dusty linoleum floor that falls through fingers  like seaside sun before. the children have dropped their broken forks amid cake crumbs scattered in candy wrappers in the […]

A Transformation

The video is horrifying. A young girl with curly black hair walks in a large group of people towards two soldiers guarding the streets. My sister Lucy. There’s no audio, so even though I can’t see what she says to them I can tell it’s an insult by the way the soldiers stiffen. The group […]

Catch Me

Water. Water is surrounding me. When I scream nothing comes out. When I struggle no one is there to save me. When I am slowly falling no one is helping me to fly. I’ve had that dream every day for the past 450 days. I try to remind myself that it’s just a dream but […]


i can feel and hear everything around me there’s screaming there’s crying then there is silence. silence with the exception of footsteps in the hallway

Why is it Called a Crush, Anyway?

Crush Why is it called a crush, you ask? You like a girl with every fiber of your being You’re attracted to her, she’s all you’re ever seeing Feelings bubble and never simmer down, You can’t stand to ever see her frown So, we’re back to the word. Crush It means when you see them, […]

The Tables Have Turned

[Dom Felice] When I first heard of Friar Puccio and his spiritual connection, I knew I had to meet with him. I’m knowledgeable about many things including spirituality. I wanted to see where his beliefs stood. After returning back from Paris with the fellow monks, Friar Puccio persisted in befriending me. [Friar Puccio] After Dom […]

Live. Life. Change.

We all can admit, this year was bizarre, but my life just began. Yet, this year was a struggle and we all can relate. I am a 14 year old girl, who goes by the online alias of Pinku, and this is my story of this year. The year first began of new beginnings. In […]