Heart of a Detective

It was a quiet morning of 23 October 1923, well until Liastarted arguing with her mom. They kept quarreling the entire morning. Thewhole house was filled with their loud voices not letting Emma sleep. “Yeah mom, I am doing fine. Can you stop worrying? Emma ishere with me, I’m not a kid anymore. I can […]

Moment of Reflection

It was a bright, sunny day and I was getting very bored indoors so Idecided to go to my friend’s house to have some fun. My friend lived in a veryposh society. After I got to his house, we played some games on his PS5 andthen decided to play some football on the roof of […]

The Demonic Doll

The day Jessica and Kathy moved in they climbed the creaky stairs to the attic and turned on the light. There, in the far corner, was a box. They had to hold her nose because that space where she found the box smelled a bit bad and the box looked old when Jessica rummaged through […]

The Moment that Changed My Life

As I stood on the stage, gazing at the sea of eyes, I could feel the excitement in the room. The theatre had been completely filled with parents, siblings, relatives, laughter, and tears of joy. One by one, my classmates’ names were called to receive their certificates, along with a handshake and picture with the […]

Win for the Law

Jules Franco is an innocent-looking 19-year-old. She’s a well-known Cybercriminal, a Skilled Arsonist, and an immensely Intellectual Serial Killer. No one knows what she looks like tho she is known to be quite attractive. Her unwavering attitude to take on the world combined with her brave endeavours is something the authorities have never faced before. […]

On the Flip Side

“Aye Barry, how many’d you get today,” Jim questioned as he hung up his coat.  “I only got one. Coulda got two of ‘em if people wasn’t surrounding me with those menacing looks and phone cameras,” Barry whimpered. Jim scoffed. Barry was the new guy at the police station. He hadn’t been corrupted toughened up yet.  […]


The blue mug of coffee slipped out of my hand and fell on the wooden table, cracking. A crisp newspaper with a headline on the Korean War quickly became soaked, the black ink mixing with spilled bitter liquid until it was illegible. A bouquet of white daisies- that I had left flung on the counter […]

Blinded to a Black Man

A black man talks, but his words turn to jumble A black man shouts, but no one hears. A black man dies but it’s all normal Because a black man is not a man with tears.   A black man has no feelings;  No, it’s impossible for a black man to love A black man […]

Just Messing Around

BANG. And that was it. Piercing right through his heart, perfectly that is. As the force from the shot combined with his intense running, it almost propelled him. His body for a brief, fleeting moment almost flying, levitating before he inevitably hits back onto the ground. Mercilessly colliding with it as his skin gets damaged […]

See No Evil

Lieutenant Bomani sucked in a harsh breath as he took in the gory scene.  The air smelled like blood and decomposition. A man’s body was splayed out on the ground, face appearing completely broken and bloody as if smashed repeatedly with force. After conversing with a few other first responders, Bomani concluded that the victim—named […]