Beyond The Closed Curtain

Sometimes I like to keep my curtains closed

Because it pains me to see the things outside of my window

A single mother struggling to pay rent 

It’s hard to keep the lights on, or provide for her kids

There’s a homeless guy that I always see

And I beg my mom to give him money

And she always says she can’t

Because the money we have has to go towards the rent

There’s another homeless guy who lives in a tent

And according to other homeless people, he’s rich

I hate looking out at the neighborhood I live in

A 3-year-old murdered and found in a ditch

I keep my curtains closed to avoid seeing things like this

The streets are bumpy, and the trees are bare

Nobody cares about our neighborhood

There is trash everywhere

There is a drug dealer on the corner of the street

He seems tough but he really just wants some food to eat

A girl I know is bullied and she is tired of living

She says she’ll feel better if she just keeps cutting

I am not gonna lie and say where I live is great 

It’s not, it’s full of tragedy and hate

The street lights are broken 

There’s graffiti on the walls

But we are all just people 

And we all have our flaws

Our flaws are what makes us strong

Because the more mistakes we make 

The more we can correct each other when we are wrong 

So sometimes I like to keep my curtains open

So I can see the love, and the growth that lies beyond the closed curtains

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