The Center for Fiction National Teen Storyteller Writing Contest

About The Contest

We partnered with our longterm collaborators, the Center for Fiction, to bring you the next instalment of the Nation Teen Storyteller Writing Contest –– Horror Fiction. We invited creative writers from across the nation, of ages 14 to 18, to submit their flash fiction tale (300-1,000 words) –– a fun and creative way to seek refuge and inspire each other during scary times. From ghosts and haunted houses to real life monsters, see what America’s young storytellers had to say. 


Three winning stories were selected –– the best of what America’s young storytellers had to offer. In addition to publication and commendation here and on the Center for Fiction’s website, handsome prizes were offered and delivered to all three winners. Read the stories below, but be warned: you’re in for a fright! 

Final decisions regarding winners and finalists were made by the Center for Fiction staff.


Every last entry we received was commendable –– and while not every submission could be a winner, they’re all worthy of publication and readership. Check out our non-winning entries below.