The Pandemic

Damon is the only friend left of his friend group. The unfortunate events started when they all got into a car crash and somehow everybody but him disappeared. A couple weeks later he had a nightmare and woke up with a feeling that he was being watched. He opened his eyes but couldn’t move his body. It felt like something was on top of him, holding him down. He saw four figures looking down on him. They had the silhouettes of his friends but it couldn’t be them…right? They slowly came closer to him until he heard their hearts beatings really fast. It was as if they were in sync. “Stefanie?” Damon finally said. It immediately got quiet and he was shocked to hear a monstrous shriek from all four of the silhouettes. He fainted but woke up in the woods. He was confused and scared. It was broad daylight and he had no idea where he was. That is until he saw the car. The car in which it all happened. “I thought the police took this car away.” Damon said out loud. He realized he was back where the car crash happened and he had a very perplexed look on his face. He got closer to the car and opened the door slowly. The creaking was dreadful and there they were. “Stefanie! Camilo! Rebecca! Elena!” Damon exclaimed in joy. As he was about to touch them, Stefanie opened her eyes and gave him that monstrous shriek he thought only happened in his nightmares. The rest of his friends opened their eyes and did the same. “WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU GUYS!” he yelled as he saw that all they could do was scream. They weren’t moving their bodies but their eyes and voices made it seem like they were trying to tell him that something happened. Then their faces started to become black and blue as if they were transforming into something…something evil. It became night and Damon was feeling more tired then usual. He closed his eyes for a second but as soon as he opened them, he was laying in the car where his friends were and this time he was the one who couldn’t move. Shrieks from all over started to come closer and closer to the car. “WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME!” Damon yelled back.  Suddenly a shadow began walking towards him, almost elegantly. It was as if it was made of air, yet looked human. “You have no idea what happened that night do you?” the shadow began to talk a little distorted. Damon looked mortified. “See where you and your friends were headed was a place where I feed on those who aren’t innocent. It keeps me immortal. Sort of made a deal with the devil.” it continued to speak, more clearly now, switching to each voice of Damon’s friends. “Lucky for you, you have a good soul…but now you work for me. Everything you see, I see. Get me the bad souls and I’ll let you live your life.” Damon suddenly fell back asleep and woke up somewhere in New York. He knew what he had to do. He wants to survive and he isn’t ready to die yet. They say he’s still working for that shadow and that anybody who passes by those woods are marked. Those marked will be hunted by Damon and will never be seen again. Will you be next?

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