The thing is when I woke up on October 31st to be bombarded with happy birthday messages I did not think it would be my last. In fact, the only thought running through my head was how annoying it was. Each year my little group tries to come up with clever little things, like, Haunted Birthday, and each year they get worse. I swear it’s like these people come up with them when they are drunk in their ex’s basement. And each year they try and scare me to death. They have tried everything but they still haven’t heard me scream, Which is most likely why when they saw a flyer hanging from the old telephone post bragging about how their scare walk will make even the fearless scream, they signed up. I did not. But I was going anyway. 

Halloween that year was on a Saturday and it was a full moon like the gods always intended it. Or so my great uncle Pasty claims. Elmy and Onti showed up right on time dressed up as the twins from the Shining like they did every year. 

“What’s up birthday girl! We’ll get a scream out of you tonight, one way or another.”

“You mean Robin will….” Onti finished with a suggestive raise of her eyebrows.

We all burst out laughing at the age-old joke about how in third grade Robin swore she’d get me to scream, even if it killed her. What I didn’t know at the time was that it would.

“Oh stop that is not how I wanted to start out my night! Now come on girls Robin and Dash await!” We all hopped into the back of Elmy’s black minivan her dad got her on her 16th. Elmy speed down the street and forgot to stop at the light, which really could have made me scream. I hate it when people do that. We pulled up the creepy forest that the scare walk would be in. 

“It doesn’t look like anyone’s here.” I said looking around, “And I don’t see Robins jeep.” I was on edge thinking that this was another ploy for them to scare me with. I was right it was. The moment I got done saying the words Robin jumped up behind me shouting, “BOO!” only earning a shake of my head. 

“Oh come on you guys, leave that to the professionals. Let’s go already, I have a stash of candy at home I’m dying to eat.” I said with a look, making Dash who had come up behind Robin laugh. 

We walked up to the entrance that I hadn’t noticed before where a dude around our age was seated only he looked like a vampire. And not in a good way. He took our tickets and looked very bored the whole time. Well until he looked up and met eyes with me, then he looked interested. And a bit concerned. I think he knew. We walked through and I was already on edge, It was dark and fog had come in. So when a chainsaw man came out behind us, I nearly jumped. Keyword, nearly. Robin wasn’t even phased, just watching me like a hawk. She wanted me to scream. But that was her first mistake, she should have looked because if she had, she’d still be here. Robin was the first to go. 

We started walking along again Dash starting to look uneasy when he looked behind him and couldn’t see anything. “Anyone seen Robin?” I looked back too but the dark was clouding in like it was alive. “No” I whispered. I was starting to get worried, but when Elmy nudged me I went forward. At least I thought it was Elmy. I kept moving wondering why it had been so long since the last scare. I was thoroughly creeped out, so I turned around to tell ‘em they’d got me. But when I did they weren’t there. And that’s when I heard the first scream, the blood-curling scream. And the screams never stopped, even when the vampire boy pulled me out of the blood.

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