Fog kept covering my glasses each time I took out a breath. It was a cold afternoon it was fall but we had an early winter most days. Today I felt  a bit more afraid than the last time, the sun was close to setting but I had always made it home before dark.  I felt unusual. I know I am just some little girl walking alone through the woods and I should be scared that anything with teeth and vicious intentions can get me. I knew that couldn’t happen because I have been walking this way for years.     I kept walking trying to  keep calm. I’m just being dramatic. I flung my bag in front of me just to have something to hold onto. Leaves was all I heard, the crunching it became louder as I quickened my pace. Something inside of me, some boiling energy told me to stop. Like a leash on a dog yanking it back so it won’t keep going forward.      I looked around feeling the urge to crouch and scream and cry, my hands were ice white despite the natural brownish pigment. My head felt as if it was floating out of my body, not knowing to feel or think. All I felt was ice cold. I reached up anticipating to hear my fast heart beat until I heard crunching. But I wasn’t the one walking. I snapped my head to the back of me.    Nothing.   I think my mind is starting to play tricks on me. My mother and father had taught me how to use this way to walk to school because it was the safest. Now I’m not too sure. It’s probably just a bird. I lift my foot to begin walking again. Another crunch. I freeze and slowly turn. This time I saw tracks, not big enough to be an adult, but a child. I had to see what it was, just so I can know that I am safe and know that I am indeed okay.    I carefully lifted my feet one by one, left and right without a sound. I followed the small feet that were just a tad smaller than mine. The trees were my camouflage.  I heard the crunching become louder, I past a few more trees to see a small boy. Wearing nothing more than a light school uniform.   “Who are you”? I called out. All of the sudden he stopped hopping in the snow and leaves. He slowly turned to me. I looked up at his face to see three huge scratches on his right cheek, but his eyes were closed. “Who are you”? I repeated anxiously.    He slowly opened is eyes and the were hollowed out black. I stumbled backwards and hit a tree.”What- what– are you”? I said with a shaky voice.One word, “Come” he said.I walked along side of him, but keeping a safe distance. We passed many trees and the long walk was only making me more anxious.   “How long are we going to walk for I have to be home soon”? I said quietly almost a whisper. All he did was turn to me and put a finger to his mouth. My eyes widening, would it be wise to just run, in all honesty why would I be following some other kid that doesn’t even look normal. He hopped over the rocks that went across the now frozen river.  I tried to do the same without falling.    He didn’t turn once to see if I had stopped following him, fell, or even died. He kept walking and walking till he suddenly stopped. He finally turned to look at me. Well I wasn’t sure because his eyes weren’t- there. He pointed down into what looked to be a ravine. It had to be at least 50 feet down.   There was a twig snap. I turned my head, I was surrounded, with none other but wolves. I looked at the boy, I wanted him to help me. “What do I do” I shouted. The wolves were gaining on me with the ravine right behind me. The boy only stayed still.  There was no where to run, it looked like I had to choose my death, to either run to the wolves or fall to my death. I turned to the ravine. All of the sudden it was silent. I turned to see the wolves were gone. The boy pointed down to the ravine. I looked down.    There was a pack of wolves surrounding something,  the ravine was so deep and the sun was nearly gone, so I had to squint to get a good look. I squinted and looked down, a boy and a girl torn apart, pools of red liquid surrounding them. I cringed and snapped back from looking at the ravine trying to forget what I had just seen.  I rubbed my eyes to take out the image.    All of the sudden I looked at him and down at myself . It can’t be, it can’t be the wolves just disappeared, I never jumped into the ravine. The boy handed me something that looked very pretty, a round shaped ornate object. I took it slowly from him, I turned it around, It was a mirror and all I saw was myself with big black hollow eyes.    We were already dead. 

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