Dante’s Battle with Demons

Dante was surprised to see Virgil as he was someone he thought extremely highly of. Virgil picked up on this and used it to his advantage. Yet Dante wondered how his very own idol could be standing in front of him. He began to listen to every word Virgil spoke. Soon after Virgil proposed a plan. He offered Dante to come with him into the depths of hell and promised he would guide him there safely. He said that he would get to see something no human had ever been able to encounter. That was the secrets of Hell. Dante was curious and felt as though he could trust Virgil.  

The first step in his plan had worked. He wanted to lure Dante into hell with the hopes of getting a reward from the Devil. All he had to do was make it to the 7th circle of hell, and he would have gotten what he wanted. Because Dante had a good soul he was the perfect sacrifice for the devil. 

Dante and Virgil began their journey through Hell. As they did they went through multiple hurdles. One day they came across someone named Ulysses. Virgil immediately started to get nervous he knew Dante would want to speak with him. Virgil immediately pulled Ulysses to the side beginning to bargain with him. He told him if he doesn’t exploit the truth to Dante he will share the rewards the devil gives him for bringing Dante to him. Ulysses pondered this offer and began to think about the possibilities. Although he could possibly be rewarded it may be rewarding for him to see Virgil’s plan fail. After all this is Hell.

  Ulysses decided to let Virgil believe that he would lie to Dante and tell him all would be okay. Yet his real plan was different. Ulysses brings Dante to the side and Dante begins to ask him some questions. 

Dante wondered why going to the 7th circle was so important to Virgil and wanted to know if Ulysses had ever been there himself. Ulysses told Virgil that it was the very bottom of Hell and that most people that go don’t make it out, ever. Dante immediately filled up with anxiety. 

Ulysses was curious as to what Dante would do if he continued to frighten him. 

Ulysses offered Dante a solution to his worry. He said to him that he would tell him Virgil’s real plan and back story if Dante would help him escape hell. Dante was so nervous at that point that he agreed, he just wanted to know what he was in for. So, Ulysses began to tell him about Virgil’s true plan, to use him as an offer to the devil and be rewarded. He also informed him that Virgil was just a demon disguised. Dante grew furious and began to pace back and forth. Ulysses assured him that if he continued his journey with Virgil, he would never make it out of Hell. 

Dante wondered what he should do next and who he should trust. This whole time he believed that Virgil was a great guide and he was going to go through hell and right back up. Yet, now all of this had come into question. Dante tells Ulysses that he is just going to confront Virgil and then they can figure it out from there. But Ulysses tells him that Dante must flee with him now or never. Dante had to think long and hard about what could be the truth in this very moment. He just wanted to run and forget it all but that was impossible. 

Dante decides to stay with Virgil. He figured trusting a stranger over his guide would be foolish. Little did he know he couldn’t trust either of them. He was inevitably stuck. Dante tells Ulysses of his choice and Ulysses disappears into the darkness.  Dante has much doubt about Virgil and wants to see if he can get the truth out of him somehow. 

Virgil still thought that his mission was going well. They were only about a day away from the 7th circle of Hell. While they proceeded to walk Dante began to ask Virgil about his life on earth. He asked him what inspired him to write. Dante knew the answer, as the real Virgil was his idol. Virgil started to get nervous he had no idea, he had only been using this body as a ploy to lure Dante in. He said the first thing that came to his mind. He said it was his wife.

Dante gasped he paused in his tracks and proclaimed that Virgil never got married. 

He yelled that Ulysses was right all along and started to run. Dante had no idea where he was running to or how he could escape but he just kept running. 

Dante saw what he believed to be the perfect hiding spot, it was a cave that seemed to got on for miles. He began to walk as Virgil was no where in sight. While sitting in the cave Dante began to pray. He had lost all hope, every plan ended in confusion. He felt as though he should have never let the curiosity of the secrets of hell bring him into Hell itself. While he prayed he noticed a light glowing in the dark of the cave. He got up and began to follow it. 

Eventually it led him to a split. There was a left and right path way.  One passage way looked as though it was decorated in gold and there were diamonds and riches of all kinds. But the other was just a simple glowing light. His curiosity was telling him to go to the passage with the gold but he knew the deception and been a major theme in Hell after his journey with Virgil. So Dante chose the path with the little ball of light and followed it. 

To his surprise he had picked the way home. 

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