Earning Your First Car

Sean woke up again, just like so many other nights, dreaming about the car. He dreamt of a 1965 cherry red Mustang. Sean saw the car in a parking lot when he was seven years old. The second he saw the car, he knew that he wanted one when he turned sixteen.  Over the years, it was a conversation they had numerous times.  He would ask his parents if there was a way that he could earn his dream car. When he turned fifteen, Sean passed his driving test and drove his parents’ cars. Sean did a good job driving and impressed his parents by being responsible. His sixteenth birthday was six months away and he was still asking for the car. His parents looked into it and said no at first. The entire world changed because we were in a global pandemic with the virus Covid-19. Everyone started to look at life differently, showing more appreciation of little things in life, including Sean.  Sean’s parents decided that their son was responsible and that if he was able to get a job to help pay for the car, he would be able to earn it with their help.  Sean went to the local grocery store and applied for a job.  It was risky, as we were still in the pandemic. He would be helping people get food and he would save money to buy the car.  His parents looked into it and decided that they would surprise him with the car for Sean’s birthday anyway. They decided that Sean’s money from his grocery store job would be used to remodel the car because it was old and needed to be worked on. They saw it as an opportunity for Sean to learn about fixing cars and to spend time with his dad.  Sean had been dreaming about having this 1965 cherry red Mustang for so long.  On his sixteenth birthday, his parents told Sean that they had a surprise for him. He was really confused at first because he had not made enough money to buy the car yet. He walked outside and saw the car in his driveway with a huge bow on it. Sean was so happy that the car was his and that he would have the opportunity to fix it up with his dad.  Sean learned that you can achieve your dreams when you work hard.

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