Insomnia In My Window

I can’t sleep. I tried all night but I couldn’t. Many attempts I have been doing from the counting of sheeps to the slowly breathing. Nothing. And I know, I know sleep deprivation can have serious consequences on people’s minds. There was this article in a Medicine’s magazine that talked about how people who only slept two or zero hours per day ended up having hallucinations. They went paranoid. Maybe that can happen to me…I’ll just try to be more calm, play some music, and look at my window. Yeah, my window… 
I am looking inside of the frame I call my window, and there’s the moonlight being my companion in this endless dark night. At the moment I stop contemplating the shiny look of the moon. My eyes are driven to the silhouette of a guy with a gun who’s walking towards the widow who lives in front of my apartment. Why are they out at this hour of the night? I don’t know but this was definitely more interesting than counting sheeps. So it goes to the guy with a gun walking and as he slowly approaches the widow I take a glimpse of her hands which are covered with blue paint. The widow always jokes of being from royalty, that blue blood was flowing in her veins, and that someday horses will take her to a castle in the hills but I never thought this is what she meant. Anyways, the guy with a gun who’s silhouette resembles that of Clint Eastwood pointed his arm to the woman and laughed, she laughed too. A bizarre moment I was witnessing. My record player had been stuck so I moved it and looked for my vinyl from Erik Satie, I put it on. It is delightful. At that moment I heard horses walking, a black and old horse carriage was in front of my apartment. The widow and the guy with a gun jumped in. Looked directly at me, and laughed. 
I can’t believe what I have just seen. And after hours nothing happened. Nothing more is like they had just disappeared into thin air of the night. It was past midnight and my eyes were slowly melting, my body was falling and my soul succumbed to the tiredness of my body. And finally went to bed. 
I woke up the next day wondering if it was all a dream, was it? It’s probably all the effects of not sleeping, yeah is that. Minutes later after getting to my conclusion, someone knocked on my door.  I saw through the hole of the door the widow and her hands full of blue paint. She looked at me, and laughed so I laughed too. 

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