Outside Into the World

Outside my window 

Is a promised land of equal opportunity

“You can be whatever you want” 

Is what we are constantly told as kids

Until someone tries to sabotage us

Based on a skin color we can’t change

Outside my window

Is a world that we are truly frightened by.

Police arresting for no reason

Beating and shooting us, feeling no remorse

As our pleas and cries continue to go unheard

But not by the people with a darker skin color

Outside my window

Was a promised land of the free

But why are they still trying to hold us on a leash?

As if we are dogs foaming at the mouth

Ready to attack any random person we see

If only they saw

That I’m just a harmless person trying to navigate the world. 

Outside my window

Is a world where I live fearlessly

They think that shooting and killing 

Should make us feel scared?

We will only fight back ten times harder

Not with guns or knives or fists

But with words and facts

That today’s society is not ready for. 

Today I look outside my window. 

 I say to myself

“You can do this”

And strut outside the door 

Confident and ready

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