Outside My Window

It was a windy morning In Maryland, young Lillian, or also called Lily, stared outside her window in boredom. “Mommy?”, Lily asked. “Yes Lily?”, Her Mother asked with a smile. “When can I go outside?”, she asked jumping off the couch and tugging her mother’s dress. Her mother chuckled as Lily stood there in boredom. “Lily, You have to wait”, She said. “Awwwh!”, She groaned as she got her favorite bear and plopped down on the couch. Then she looked out the window and imagined that It was a sunny day and she was at the beach, her toes in the hot sand, and jumping into the ocean. Her mother then announced to Lily that It was breakfast. She got excited as she smelled the scent of cinnamon from the french toast. She ate it in one bite then rushed to the door and got her coat and boots. As her mother got on her coat, scarf, and shoes as well. A few minutes later on the walk, Lily saw a park and rushed to it plopping down on the swings and asked her mother to push her. When Lily flew off the swing, she noticed a little girl, crying at the edge of the slide. Lily went over to her and asked, “What’s the matter?”, “I fell down the slide”, the little girl said as she was wiping her tears. Lily reached in her pocket to see if there was a band-aid or something to make her feel better. Instead, she pulled out a lollipop from yesterday. She handed it to the little girl, as she smiled and took the lollipop, and popped it in her mouth. “My name is Lily!”, Lily said with a big smile. “I’m Avery”, she said taking the lollipop out from her mouth. Lily grabbed Avery’s arm and rushed her back to the swings. After that day, Lily made a new friend. It was 6:45 a.m, Lily could barely sleep thinking about summer, She hated Autumn. But in her wonderful mind, she thought of the warm weather, beaches, and pools. That was her dream all night as she smiled. Until her alarm clock went off. It was now 8:00 in the morning. She quickly got out of bed and rushed to her window, opening the blinds and seeing if her dreams came true. But leaves were on the ground and it was still windy as usual and it was below 47 Degrees. “Lily!”, her mother called her. Lily heard and ran downstairs, almost tripping. “Yes Mommy?”, She asked as she stopped in her tracks. “Come and eat your breakfast, you scheduled a playdate with Avery, remember?”, She said. As Lily took a bite of pancakes, she remembered from yesterday. “Oh!”, Lily said in surprise. As she shoved some pancakes into her mouth, putting her dishes into the sink, and running upstairs to get dressed. As Avery’s car pulled up, Lily ran outside, hugging her best friend as both their mothers went inside for tea and to chat. “What should we do?”, Avery said. “We should play hide and seek!”, Lily said excitedly. “Ok!”, Avery said. As Avery was announced as the seeker, Lily ran to find a hiding spot. When she found one, she went into a full daydream about herself at the beach with Avery. Making sandcastles and playing in the water together. Then she felt a boop on her nose. “Found you!”, Avery said with a smile as both of the girls laughed. Then sadly, It was time for Avery to go home. As goodbye hugs were made, Avery and her mom left with straight smiles. Lily was happy, so was Avery. Lily then went back inside, taking her coat and shoes off at the front door, then plopping down on the couch to the window, still daydreaming about summer as she sighed in admiration.
Lily got a huge surprise! Her mother saved enough money to go to Florida with Lily and her family. Lily screamed with excitement and ran upstairs to pack. Her mother then came upstairs and laughed. “What are you doing??”, She asked her as Lily turned around in confusion. “I’m packing!!”, She said to her mother. “We’re not going ’till next week!”, She said. “Awwwwwh!!”, Lily said in disappointment. Her mother smiled as Lily unpacked her clothes back into her dresser drawers with sadness. “Don’t worry Lily, I know how much you really want it to be summer right now, but it’s Autumn! That’s why I’m taking you and the family to Florida!”, Lily was happy as she heard the news but was dying to go. Afterward, Lily went to the couch, sat down, and turned on the TV. As she saw a Florida commercial, she sighed in sadness because she really wanted to go. As her mother was stressed out about planning the trip, she had to decide where to stay and what food to take along. Lily hated her mother being this stressed so she decided to help her out by calling relatives and figuring out a plan for food to bring, But planning where to stay was hard. Her mother’s budget was $8,000 Dollars and did not want to spend any more than that.
it was Friday and it was time to go on the plane. Lily and her mother were rushing fast out the door at 6:00 a.m. Lily was super tired, so her mother had to carry her. When her mother got on the plane, she was relieved to see that the whole family made it there on time. After arriving in Florida. The first thing they did when they got off the plane, got to the hotel room and unpack. Then Lily went outside where the beach was right in front of her. “My dream was coming true!”, she said in her head as she ran to bury her toes under the warm grainy sand, feeling the hot, summer heat reflecting on her body. After feeling too hot, Lily ran into the water. It was cold at first but eventually turned warm when she was in there for a while. “Lily! Come inside! We are going to see the dolphins!”, her mother said. Lily quickly got out of the water and into a towel as she stayed in the car freezing cold because of the AC. Then Lily rolled down the car window and saw all of the palm trees and the water fountains. She Thought to Herself, “I knew summer would come, Thanks to me Looking Outside My Window.”

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