Outside Your Window

Outside a window, I’m in a room with no lights and black walls, plus a white chair facing towards curtains colored black. I didn’t know why I could see anything at all I shouldn’t be able to, but I can from the color of the chair to the pleats in the curtains. I walk towards the chair but it seems to be getting further away so I stop walking and think of a way to reach the chair during my thinking the chair turns to face me then begins to inch closer to me it then goes behind me, I don’t move I just feel the chair hit the backs of my knees I then fall onto the chair; I’m then rushed forward by the chair I believe; I begin to think I’m about to crash into the wall in front of me…it stops and because I was going so fast, I assumed I would be flung to the floor but I wasn’t I just jerked forward slightly I then look down and saw I was buckled in, I tried to unbuckle myself but it wouldn’t budge. So, instead out of curiosity I asked the chair “if it would move me forward a bit more so I could open the curtains”, as expected it didn’t respond; Soon my buckle grew two arm/shoulder straps that meet the buckle clasp at the crease of my waist and hips Kinda like a car seat; while I was focused on the “car seat/buckle” I jerk downwards and snap back, the chair and myself attached fell at full speed down some “hatch” I assume, scared of the crash I brace myself by putting my feet up on the chair and hugging my knees and began to cry; I quickly stopped as the falling slowed down to a stop I then put my feet down to see if there was any solid ground which there was, I wiped my tears and caught my breath; I then hear a voice in a high pitched squeaky voice say “sorry I scared you, please forgive me” I could only assume it was the chair who was speaking, I laugh into my hand then hiccup “I forgive you, just tell me next time…since you can speak after all” I answered, then look around and were Kinda in same room as before this room has white walls and I’m in a black chair the curtains are also white, the chair speaks again “you must be confused” he asks “a little” I responded “first, I’m a boy Second” he pauses “I’m not real” his voice begins to distort and fade out…I then blink back to reality and I’m at my desk staring out the window Daydreaming “it felt so real” I thought…I stop my dreams and finish my essay. 

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