she walks

she walks clothes tattered
heart shattered
for nothing mattered did it?

in her eyes, life was mystical was
not anymore
the magic no longer lingers in her eyes
swirling with surprise
they didn’t realize her 

was gone

they reminisce of nothing for nothing they cared about
other than themselves

she walks alone, without a home
stumbling into the darkness as she struggles to find a door
any entryway that would take her far away

she had dreams had they were crushed demolished unknowingly by the smashers dashing to find their next victims
not realizing their damage

damaged, she fell prey to society’s rotten standards
no one is there
was there no one

if a girl cries alone did she cry?
was she really hurt?

undeserving, they called her, behind her back
she knew everyone did but again, they. didn’t. care.

so she didn’t care anymore about life about family (the one she never had) about anything

so she took the only thing she could her life after searching for answers and wanting so much from the world
all the world didn’t give her

she gave herself away
her heart, they broke it
her voice, she took it
they silenced her stopped listening just stopped.

and now her heart has stopped breathless she walked walked again, not anymore happy now?

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