A period of time in everyone’s life, just the reasons are different as to why you are silent

Some people are silenced by the death of a loved one

Some are silenced by their insecurities and social validation

I fall into the second category

I feel as if I am paralyzed mentally by my insecurities

I have so much to say but I somehow can’t get myself to spit out the words

Afraid if anyone will judge or not listen

So many candles of ideas

Not lit

I make other people’s confidence go up

But I am unable to have confidence myself

I put a smile on everyone else’s face

But fail to make myself smile

I shall live in this world of silence

I shall stay quiet and not speak up

I shall not be bold and confident

Until I met a wise woman 

She said why are you so insecure?

You’re absolutely beautiful 

You should start embracing yourself

You should use your voice

You should speak whatever you want

You shouldn’t care about others

Live and embrace the skin you live in

Your not going to magically change into someone else one day

But you can start by accepting yourself and start to be more confident

That’s all I have to say

The journey is yours

You can either take my words or leave them

I took them

What she said was valid

I’m not magically going to turn into a different person

I will be the same person ‘till death

I will love myself 

I will put forth my voice in the world

Regardless of anyone’s opinions

I will be me

After all if I don’t be me 

Then who will?

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