The Doll in the Woods

In a small town named Greenville, nothing bad ever happens. Day by day nothing changes, it’s always the same routine for everyone. Within that small town, there is a family of four, with a 14-year-old daughter named Emily. Emily is a smart girl who loves to read and has never had a grade below a 90. Also, afterschool she always goes straight to her treehouse to read which is located in the woods in her backyard. One day after school it started to storm really bad. The rain is just pouring from the clouds, the thunder is constant, and the wind is horrifically strong. Instead of going home to clean up, Emily chooses to run to her treehouse to do her daily reading.

When she finally gets up to her treehouse she takes off her soggy backpack and soaked shoes. She takes out her newest book and starts her binge of reading. Hours go by and she has not taken her eyes off of the pages until and hears some rustling in the trees next to her. Since it was storming she didn’t think much of it until lightning strikes a few feet next to the treehouse. She quickly jumps from the ground in fright. She decides she wants to leave and starts to pack up her things. As she takes her first few steps into the nasty storm she get struck by lightning. When her parents notice she had been gone longer than normal they went to go check on her. When they arrive at the treehouse they see nothing but a small doll wearing their daughter’s backpack. In a small town like Greenville, nothing bad ever happens… right?

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