The Lady in the Tree

A long time goes where technology did not even exist and everything was pulled by a horse and a cart on a dirt road. A village in the new world well isn’t new anymore the setters have lived there for ten years now but their house longer than them.

The village children love to go to the forest with the neighbor village children they all meet in the center of the forest to listen to her sing.

The lady in the tree that looks like she was in her mid-twenties with long black hair to her waist and a dress that match her hair that goes to her knees but torn with dirty at the end from the years that went by. 

The children did mind how her skin is gray with bruising and dirty because they could see for they were dance and sing on the ground under her. She smiles at them the child will ask the same question every time they visit her why do you not come down and dance with us.

She just smiles and she says “I do not know how to get down they put me here so I can’t leave.” When she sings it was like a mother sing lullaby to her newborn but her vice sore and raspy like she can’t breathe.

But like before the children did not mind because they promise they came and visit her every day and they did until James’s father John follows them.

John was in his late 30s, a handsome man and charming as well when his wife dies the last spring so he went to spend time with his son.

But to no avail his son will go straight to the forest after his schooling and when he asked him “where have he be!” he will say “I was with my friends we go to the center of the forest after our schooling father.”

Why center forest noting there no life and no one lives there those.

John thoughts running through his mind why why why go to the center what so amazing about the center of that forest?

He didn’t want his son out all night in the forest anymore so when James came home from dance and sing his father told him will yell at him.

“You will not set a foot in that forest never again James!” never again around and around again in James’s head his father didn’t even know he exists until his mother’s died.

“No, I will go to the forest. We all promise her and I keep my promises and don’t act like father after mother’s death!!” he yells back. Never in James’s life had he talk back but he did he know if he wasn’t born his father would have taken his own life to be with his wife.

“How dare you speak to me like that insignificant child go to your room with no food for you!” John yells that the whole village hears them. Now everyone in the village wants to know what so special about that center of the forest had their children bewitched.

So they send five men and John to follow the child to the center of the forest they thoughts it was dead because a lot of travel came to their village.

Saying it was dead with no life but it wasn’t it was beauty and live and animal running and dance. Then they hear it children sing, laughing, and dancing to the beautiful vice that they didn’t see who was sing. 

They hid behind the trees and watch as the children had fun then they saw small little girls who look like she was six she looks up at the biggest trees in the forest says “why don’t come down.”

Like all the other times it was like a tradition for new kids to ask her and like all time before she smiles at them and said “They put me here so I can not leave.”

Then she starts to sing again the song was beautiful “I loved you for you and you love me for being silly and make a song that makes you laugh like mine and dancing with you but you won’t leave here so I thought.”

She stops singing look in the direction of where John and the other men were hiding behind the trees. “Children who are those men who hiding behind those trees” she points in the direction where John was hiding with another man she smiles at them.

John came from behind trees so did another man child who didn’t know who was these men would but James and children from his village did Alexander’s father and Catherine’s uncle. James didn’t believe his only his eyes at first his father came looking for him.

“May I ask who are you and why are in a tree?” one of the men ask she smiles at him and like all another time before “They put me here so can not leave.” like all time before same answer. “Who?” asked another man her eyes became bigger pitch-black her cold tears running down her face on her cold gray skin.

“He lies He lies I’m not a witch please believe not please,” she said around and around with an echo get loud ground being to turn dead tree look more like monster trying to unearth themselves. Birds became crow rose bushes now just thorn bushes children start to sing her song then everything became calm down.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to lose it like that,” she said she knows children never be able to see her again but she was wrong.

John he had climbed up to her he didn’t mind her appearance her gray skin with bruising, dirty, and cut that didn’t heal because they made with a heated sword. “Are you going to kill me?” she asked the children just watch hope that he won’t hurt her.

“please don’t hurt  her father!” James yells.

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