The “Perfect” Body

I scroll through Instagram and Tik Tok every day and see girls with perfect bodies. I look at the models and wish I had their bodies. I think to myself “I’m not fat but I don’t look like them either”. Then the next day I look in the mirror and pick apart my perfectly healthy body. I over analyze and decide that maybe I should lose a few pounds. I start working out a little more and eat a little healthier. After a couple of weeks, I’ve lost a few pounds and feel good about myself. Then I go on my phone and am once again greeted by countless girls with “perfect bodies”. I still don’t look like them, but I feel good about myself.

It is hard as a teenage girl living in this society to be confident in your skin. Supermodels and famous people are flaunting their bodies and take up a lot of space on our social media. Healthy girls are now resorting to unhealthy ways to lose weight just because they want to look like their favorite influencer. Social media is making eating disorders much more common and makes it harder to recover from them as well. I never had an eating disorder but I have struggled with being confident about my body. I now have realized that all body shapes and sizes are beautiful and as long as I am healthy I should not try to lose weight just to look like a supermodel.

The “perfect” body does not exist and is all perspective. Social media should start advertising that all bodies are beautiful because they are.

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