The Triplets

They were a new, happy married couple that were scientists. They lived together in a big city and wanted to have children. The wife became pregnant, but she also became very sick. The husband and wife tried to do everything they could to cure her. They kept going to all different doctors and taking medicine to make her better; but nothing worked. Later, the wife gave birth to triplets. Sadly, she did not survive the surgery and passed away. The husband was very heartbroken about his wife’s passing. He wanted to do everything he could to save the things closest to her, the triplets.

The husband started experiencing new things with his children, trying different ways to cure them. After a week, the triplets suddenly all became healthy but started acting unusual. When the triplets started growing older, the dad started noticing something extraordinary. The triplets had powers, he never thought that was possible. The dad did research and found it was because of his experiments he did on them as a young age. Each triplet had different powers, and were unique in their own ways. When the dad noticed this, he did not want anyone to find out and take his children. So he moved their whole life to the middle of nowhere, and let the triplets live without the fear of covering up their fascinating powers. 

The dad named his children Aqua, Skye, and Blaise; which all had hidden meanings behind their names. Aquas special power was the ability to control all water in all forms and ways. Skye’s special power was the ability to fly everywhere. And Blaise’s special power was the ability to create and control fire. They were each all remarkable and special in their own significant way. 

They grew up being home schooled by their dad, and practicing their powers with him. They always wondered why they weren’t allowed to see other kids or what happened to their mom. But each time they asked, their dad would get emotional and not want to talk about it. So Aqua, Skye, and Blaise over time just stopped asking, but never stopped wondering.

The triplets grew up learning to use their skills for good, and to help others. They started fighting off evil, in honor of their mother. They were all brave, heroic, and fearless in their own way. They always faced danger head on, and never looked back. The triplets were looked up to by all children all over the world. They grew up being the most respected and honored people in the world, saving millions of lives. Their mom looked down on them so proud of everything they have done.

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