The View Outside My Window

Every day I am awakened from my sleep to a bright ray of sunlight shining through my window, reminding me that another undelightful day has begun. Birds chirping away flying from one tree to another, squirrels climbing up the tree and jumping to the fence and you hope this day would be a different day but you come to realize it won’t be different. I see the neighbors walking out of their house and getting in their car to get to work, I see the school busses passing by to pick up the kids to go up to school, but that is not all I see. I see people fighting for their rights and for police brutality to be over. I see colored people walking around being scared when they shouldn’t be, they should be walking around proudly without having any fear of getting arrested without doing anything or getting beat to death just because of the color of their skin. Another day of police brutality has begun. Another day of racism has begun. Another day of colored skin people walking in the street with fear has begun. We sit here and fight for our rights but nothing changes. When I look outside my window that’s what I see. I see that our people have been fighting for over decades now trying to get a chance but this whole system is rigged. We colored people walk through the streets every day fearing for our life, fearing that the police come near us, fearing that today might be the day a cop destroys your life and most of all fearing racism. We colored people are also humans and we should be treated the same way other people get treated. I see justice outside my window. I see that we have to keep fighting until we get the rights that we deserve. We are humans, not some toy that you can beat or mess around with just because of their color. We have emotions, we have feelings, we have rights just like any other human. We do not choose our color of skin but we proudly take pride in it and wear it joyfully because it is something that describes us, something that represents us. We should not be discriminated against just because our skin color isn’t what they like. I look outside my window every day and this is what I get reminded of. We just want to be able to walk down the block without fearing for our lives, without our families fearing for us, or our beloved ones scared that you won’t come back. There are people out there who get to do that and don’t understand what it is like to not have that, meanwhile, we colored people are here fighting every day for our right to be able to just wear our color proudly without it becoming a death sentence. This is my view outside my window.

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